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More Benefits of Electric Bike Riding!

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There is nothing more important to your health and well-being than a good night’s sleep. Sleep is the process that restores the body after a day’s effort. It filters the residue of toxins and other biochemical wastes from the body and from the mind. When you don’t get enough sleep, it is harder for you to think, harder for you to handle stress, harder for you to make decisions, and harder for you to be creative. Repeatedly, studies have shown that when you get a good night’s sleep, problems you were having trouble resolving the night before suddenly seem much clearer. So you need to get plenty of sleep if you want to be a happy, healthy, functioning human being. And what is one of the best ways to ensure you get enough sleep? It’s riding a bicycle, specifically, Wave Electric Bikes.

What is it about increased activity that is so good for you? It’s so good for you, in fact, that your doctor will almost always recommend it. Most of us have the luxury of leading a relatively sedentary lifestyle. This means we don’t get nearly the amount of physical activity that is good for us, so we don’t have the muscle tone we should have, we carry too many pounds, and we don’t have the stamina we should have. All of these issues can be corrected by getting more activity in your life, and there are proven medical benefits to even moderate activity undertaken on a regular basis. So what should you do to integrate more physical activity in your daily life? Should you start working out? Running? Walking? Something else? Well, there are some issues with each of these options, but one way to solve those problems is to take up riding bicycles.

You see, bicycle riding has an advantage that working out with weights, running, and even walking don’t have. That is that riding bicycles is very low-impact. Unlike walking and running, which can put a great deal of stress on your joints (especially your knees), bike riding allows you to get the exercise you need and want while not putting undue stress on your body. As long as your bicycle seat is comfortable and you have the coordination to stay balanced and ride, you can ride at your own pace while moving your body. In some ways it shares some commonality with swimming, in that swimming can also be relatively low impact (as your buoyancy in the water takes some of the strain off your body and your joints). But the best part about all this is that increased activity performed through bike riding helps develop balance and coordination.

They say that you never forget how to ride a bike, but practice definitely makes perfect. A lot of us grew up relying on bikes for transportation. For a lot of kids, bicycles are the only way to get around. When they finally get driver’s licenses and start driving cars, often those bicycles end up forgotten. And if you as an adult have ever taken up bicycling for health after a long hiatus like that, you might just have found you were a little wobbly when you started out. You remembered how to balance, sure. That part of the old saying is true. You never really forget how to do that. But the coordination and balance that you take for granted as a well-practiced bicycle rider is something of a perishable skill. The more you do it, the better off you are, and the better off your overall health is. So you should start riding a bicycle right now. But what if you’re worried about the issues you might encounter along the way, especially if you don’t have the stamina for long bike rides?

That’s where the electric bicycle comes in, and especially Wave eBikes. Bike riding with the Wave means you’ll get increased activity all right, and you’ll become more balanced and better coordinated as you improve your muscle tone through low-impact exercise. But you’ll also have that electric motor to bail you out of tight spots. There are no worries about meeting a hill you can’t tackle when you have the Wave’s powerful motor to speed you up that hill. There are no worries about going too far and then not being able to get back when you have the motor to shoulder the load for you. And if you just need to commute long distances and you are again relying on your Wave eBike for reliable transportation, your electric motor can pedal-assist you to get you there. In that way, you’ll have come full circle, returning to the bicycle as a means of transportation just like you relied on it when you were younger.

There are other benefits to riding a bicycle, of course, including Wave eBikes (but any bicycle at all). These include better circulation. When you exercise, you improve circulation to your body, and that improved circulation brings more oxygen to your cells. This includes bringing more oxygen to your brain. You think better, you feel better, you improve your respiratory health, and you improve your vascular health. You breathe the outside air, which helps you to sleep better at night. When you sleep better you are more rested and better restored for the next day. It’s all interconnected, and it all puts you on the path to better health and well-being. And on top of everything else, it’s fun to ride a Wave eBike. You may just find it’s the most enjoyable bike riding experience you’ve had in a long time.

So, what are you waiting for? The time to look into a Wave eBike is now. Get the benefits of this great mode of transportation while also enjoying how little it costs to operate one. Wave Electric Bikes are the future of transportation… and the most affordable eBike with its features that you’re going to find on the market. Get your Wave eBike today and start enjoying it for yourself!

Wave Continues To Improve and Innovate!

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They say that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again… and to expect different results. Well, one company that has definitely learned from its past missteps is the company behind the Wave Electric Bikes. Our Wave eBikes are part of a new generation of electric bicycles that are rocketing through previous barriers to entry in the electric bike market. We’ve proven our concept and the we’ve demonstrated to the world just how popular and environmentally sustainable the electric bike concept is… and in the process, we’ve made some improvements of our own, all of which have been driven by feedback from our valued customers.

If you’ve stumbled across this blog while doing some research on the topic of electric bikes, then we’ll cover the basics for you. An electric bicycle is just what you think it is. It’s a bicycle that you can pedal or which can, with the help of the electric motor attached to the bike, either propel you without pedaling or give you “pedal assist” to help you go longer distances (and help you up steep hills). What you get when you buy an electric bicycle like the Wave is a bike that you can ride for fun, ride for exercise, or ride for reliable transportation. It’s great for the environment, costs very little to run per mile, extends your effective range, and helps you out of a jam if you end up riding too far or facing a hill that’s too tall. It is, therefore, the best of both worlds where transportation and recreation are concerned. It is transportation that is fun and great for you, but which will do the work for you when you need it to do so.

Electric bikes have proven incredibly popular. When the creative team behind the Wave launched its original crowdfunding campaign for the first Wave, they were amazed by the response from the market to what was then marketed as “the world’s most affordable electric bicycle.” The Wave easily undercut the asking price of its closest competitors (whose crowdfunding campaign, in turn, earned an amazing amount of money in its own right). In fact, the Wave ebike earned a thousand times its original crowdfunding goal when its campaign was run. But even though that crowdfunding campaign was incredibly successful, there were some kinks to get ironed out of the process.

So what took place, exactly? The creative team behind the Wave were overwhelmed by their own success. They didn’t have sufficient customer service help retained and instead tried to handle the demand themselves. The result was that there were a few issues that needed to be addressed, despite the great quality offered by the original Wave. That original Wave had a 48-volt, 750-watt hub motor regulated below the top speed capability of 28 miles per hour. The motor’s single-charge range was 52 pedal-assist miles from its 12-amp hour batteries. For best results, the bicycle, which shipped needing assembly, had to be professionally assembled, and the steel frame and heavy battery rack proved to be points of contention.

The result was an opportunity for improvement and then some. The Wave’s original clientele asked again and again for certain improvements, and put their faith in the company to make those happen. Make them happen we did. We are firm believers in the fact that the electric bicycle is the future of sustainable transportation and incredibly fun recreation. We decided to start by upgrading our customer service team in order to respond in a more timely fashion to customer feedback. We also made extensive design changes to the Wave. These included a redesign for what we now call the Wave 2.0. It has an aluminum frame, unlike the old steel frame of the original Wave. This reduces weight and improves overall durability of the bicycle, something that is greatly helpful. We’ve also upgraded the brakes for the newest version of the Wave.

The original Wave had serviceable lithium-ion batteries which, while good, weren’t as good as we could make them. We upgraded the batteries to the gold standard of power cells for the industry, which is Samsung cells. We also eliminated the very clunky battery rack, something heavy and unwieldy enough that early reviews of the bike mentioned it repeatedly. While we were busy making upgrades, we also introduced a new version of the Wave bike, adding our first folding bike to the product line. That Folding Wave has all of the great design improvements we incorporated in the Wave 2.0, but it doesn’t have a battery pack at all. The Folding Wave represents our desire to respond to customer feedback and provide a better customer experience overall.

Electric bikes are the future for a very good set of reasons. They’re environmentally sustainable, yes, which makes them environmentally friendly in a way that other fuel-consuming methods of transportation simply cannot be. But the Wave is also a fun means of getting where you need to go while also enjoying the health benefits of bicycles. Bicycling is low-impact and gets you outside to enjoy the world around you. And while other electric bikes on the market continue to be price-prohibitive because they are so expensive, the Wave continue to be the most affordable biking option on the market. When you want an electric bicycle, you definitely want the Wave. To put it in terms of numbers, with the features it offers, the Wave 2.0 has features that comparable electric bikes have in the eighteen hundred dollar range. You simply are not going to find another electric bike as good as the Wave at a price as low as we ask… and that makes purchasing a Wave a no-brainer when you are in the market for an electric bicycle.

Explore our website today to learn more about the electric bicycle of the future. Our Wave product line will amaze you. You’ll enjoy riding your Wave Electric Bike, and you’ll get where you need to go reliably and affordably. That’s the best possible compromise where electric bikes are concerned, and we’d be happy to prove it to you.

Try Biking to Work to Jump-Start Your Day

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In our last blog entry we talked about the great health benefits that riding an electric bike provides. Electric bikes are the perfect commuter vehicle for those living within biking range of the office (and of course that effective range is a lot longer when you have an electric motor to help shoulder the task). They help you to increase your activity level overall, which helps you to lose weight. They are a low-impact means of exercise, which helps you break out of the cycle in which you might not be able to lose weight because you are afraid to strain your joints, and your weight is what is putting the strain on your joints in the first place. Getting outside and getting riding helps expose you to natural light and fresh air, and this, in combination with the physical activity, helps you to sleep better. Better sleep reduces the level of stress hormones in your body, which helps you to lose more weight, and the whole process works together to produce better overall health and fitness (including cardiovascular health and even some anti-aging benefits) for you as a rider. For this reason, those who live within electric bicycle range of their place of school or work sometimes choose to use a Wave eBike as a means of environmentally friendly, sustainable, and low-cost transportation. What you may not realize, though, is that using your Wave electric bike to commute to work might actually improve your work performance.

The information comes to use from the University of Bristol. A study of a couple of hundred participants specifically targeted people who bike to and from work, or who used their break times to get some physical exercise. What they found out was that the bike riders, compared to a control group of non-bike-riders, were more positive, experienced fewer ill effects from stress, showed better motivation, and (from a self-assessment perspective) reported that they got along better with coworkers. The riding group also felt the need to take fewer breaks. They exhibited better focus on tasks than those who did not get moderate exercise. There was no way to tell if these qualities actually improved an employee’s chances of getting promoted and moving ahead at work, but if we link this up to another study done some time ago in Ohio, we might be able to draw that conclusion. The study said, basically, that the fatter you are, the less likely you are to get promoted and to get raises. That’s because regardless of social movements to promote “fat acceptance,” many of us hold subconscious or overt biases to people who are overweight. We see them, rightly or wrongly, as lazy and less disciplined than people who are not overweight.

If you want to move forward in the workplace, then, it makes sense to be as fit as you can manage to be. People who are more attractive, more physically fit, and better able to move around are more likely to be seen as highly motivated go-getters who get the job done. And really, apart from your work performance, don’t you owe it to yourself to be healthier? Aren’t you really doing it for your own sake? We think so. There are lots of reasons to ride a Wave electric bike. Some of these are that it’s a great, low-cost form of transportation and it’s also remarkably fun to ride. But if you have to get somewhere anyway, if you could get there in a way that improves your health, why wouldn’t you do that? It’s the difference between taking the stairs down and taking an escalator down. Yes, it’s slightly easier to stand in place while an escalator carries you than to walk down a set of stairs… but it doesn’t take that much effort to walk down, while you are improving your level of overall health in so doing. And we’re not asking you to pedal up steep hills or pedal when you get fatigued. That’s what the electric motor is for. So that’s exactly like taking an escalator to go up, but taking the manual stairs to go down when its’ easier to do so.

Electric bikes are the transportation of the future. That’s why they are so incredibly popular, and that’s why more people than ever are riding them. It’s hard to find exact figures on precisely how many electric bike owners and riders there are in the United States and around the world, but the trend is very encouraging. Crowdfunding campaigns for electric bikes have scored many more times their goals (including our own very successful crowdfunding campaign for the Wave). This response is driven entirely by the fact that people definitely want electric bicycles. More importantly and more significantly, though, they don’t just want eBikes. They want eBikes they can afford. The Wave was one of the new generation of electric bikes that are more accessible than its predecessors. When it was introduced, the Wave eBike was truly the world’s most affordable electric bike. We’re pleased to see other companies taking their cues from us… and if it means there are that many more electric bike riders out there, then the proliferation of other electric bicycles on the market is definitely a good thing. But we also pride ourselves on world-class customer service and attention to detail. We want you to enjoy your electric bike as much as we do. That’s why we bring you the Wave and do everything in our power to see to it that you are happy with your purchase.

If you want to enjoy better health, better overall fitness, and maybe even jump start your work day (or your school day, or whatever), then electric bikes are definitely for you. Give it a try today and see what you have been missing.

Improve Your Health with a Wave Electric Bike

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Electric bikes represent a truly sustainable transportation option for the modern commuter… and for anyone who just enjoys riding a bicycle. What you may not realize, however, is just how good riding a bike is for your health overall. That’s because every electric bike is just that — a bicycle. Cycling has many health benefits, but the best part is, it imparts those benefits to you in a way that almost anyone can tolerate, even those who might have trouble with other types of exercising. You don’t need to buy an electric bicycle to get the health benefits of cycling, of course, but when you do buy an eBike, you have the added option of letting the motor do the work when it comes to going up steep hills… or if you run out of energy while on a particularly long ride. This means that you can ride your eBike farther, and for longer, taking risks that you might not take if you didn’t have the electric motor for pedal assist or for an effortless electric ride. This encouragement helps get you out on the bike and keep you moving. That’s why an eBike is that much better than a standard bicycle. Electric bikes offer all the advantage of a regular bicycle with none of the drawbacks. Never struggle up a big hill again. Never worry that you might ride so far that you won’t be able to pedal back home. The electric bike is your ticket to freedom and, as it turns out, better health.

Now, before we go any farther, let’s just stop and remind you that before you add more bike riding to your life, you need to make sure you can handle that increased level of physical activity. It’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor about things like that. Once you’re cleared to exercise, though, you’ll quickly find that cycling is a fun way not just to increase your physical activity level, but to actually get somewhere that you need to go productively.

The most obvious benefit of riding an electric bicycle (provided you pedal it at least part of the time) is that it increases your overall level of physical activity, which is almost always a good thing. This will help you to lose weight. There are only two ways to lose weight if you are heavier than you want to be. One is to reduce the amount of calories you consume. The other is to increase the amount of calories you burn through exercise. But if you are already a very heavy person (or simply heavier than you want to be, exercising can be a big problem for you. That’s because physical exertion puts strain on your already overstressed joints. And if you’re worried about hurting yourself, that can prevent you from exercising, locking you into a vicious cycle in which you need to exercise because there’s too much strain on your body, but you are afraid to exercise because there’s too much strain on your body. Bicycling, however, is low impact. If you are able to sit on the bicycle and balance as you pedal, you can ride a bike, and the strain on your body is much, much less. That’s because your rear end is bearing the brunt of your weight (your spine is also holding you up, and the associated core muscles of the torso), so there’s much less load on your knees and ankles. And obviously, if you’ve just started adding more bike riding to your routine, you might be worried about getting tired… and if you do, you’ve got that electric motor to help take the burden off you and get you where you need to go. Pedal assist can also make it possible for you to go farther and get there faster than pedaling manually by itself.

The rest of the health benefits of bicycling are pretty amazing, if you stop and think about. They include better cardiovascular health and, interestingly, better sleep, which leads to better health and even more effective weight loss. If you’re not sleeping, you are experiencing a buildup of the stress hormone, cortisol, in your body. This hormone makes it harder for you to lose weight effectively. (That’s why sleep apnea patients who aren’t getting treated often have difficulty losing weight — they don’t get restful sleep and they have too much cortisol). Moderate levels of physical exercise help promote sleep, as does fresh air and the Vitamin D your skin absorbs from sunlight when you are outside riding a bike. (That’s one of the reasons electric bikes are better for exercise than stationary bicycles, which are always parked inside.) When you add an eBike to your daily physical activity, you are getting more exercise, which helps you to sleep better, which promotes better health and weight loss. That weight loss makes it easier for you to engage in physical activity, which helps you to exercise more, which helps you to lose weight, which helps you to sleep better… and this is the opposite of a “vicious cycle” in that now you’re locked into a cycle of improved health and well-being. And it’s all thanks to your Wave eBike!

Multiple studies of exercise show that people who engage in moderate exercise have a better chance of living longer than people who don’t exercise. There are also studies suggesting that a woman who is carrying a baby will be healthier overall if she gets some exercise during her pregnancy. Exercise can also elevate your mood by producing endorphins during physical activity. Moderate to vigorous exercise also helps you feel more awake and alert. In other words, if you really want to wake up in the morning, don’t slug back another coffee. Instead, ride your electric bicycle to the office, and you’ll be wide awake, alert, and feeling good when you get there. Make that part of your daily routine and you’ll really start to see improvements.

Electric bikes are a great way to improve your health. They’re also fun! Get yours today and start experiencing the benefits that riding an eBike can provide.

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