“Meet Wave, the ‘fastest and most affordable’ electric bike ever”
“As cool as electric bikes might be, many of them can also be rather expensive toys. That’s not the case with the Wave eBike.”
“Local investors create affordable Wave Electric Bike at such an affordable price.”
“New eBike Makes Waves On Indiegogo”
“Bike Company Giving Away Electric Bike”
“Das schnellste und am meisten erschwingliche elektrische Fahrrad jemals!”
“Does This New Electric Bike Get Your Wheels Turning?”
“Meet the first beautiful electric bike – that’s connected to the internet”
“Peddles affordability and speed,” and added, “If you don’t live in some place flat like the Netherlands and you’re of a certain age, electric bicycles seem like a pretty good idea. Unfortunately, they also tend to be rather expensive, but the creators of the Wave eBike are looking to buck the trend.”
“Wave: Finally an Affordable Electric Bike”
“One of the brands offering test rides at the Electric Bike Expo in Tempe, Arizona is called BULLS”
“E-bikes, the not-so-sweaty alternative”
“Airwheel E3, Your Smart Electric Bike can be folded in Backpack”
“Never pedal again with the Wave eBike.”
“Meet Wave, the ‘fastest and most affordable’ electric bike ever.”
“Even though new electric bicycles are created every month, it appears they all share the same flaw: the price. Most of them, if not all are valued too high for regular commuters. … But with the batteries getting cheaper and better this might soon change.”

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