Why go electric? Well, the fact is that an electric bicycle gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to bicycling and getting where you want to go. You get the activity and greater fitness level that comes with riding a bicycle, but you also have the assistance of the electric motor to prevent you from becoming too tired. You don’t have to worry about being exhausted or drenched with sweat when you get where you’re going if you’re using your Wave electric bicycle for transportation and not just for fun. This is because when you want to ride without pedaling, or you want the assist to extend your range for longer trips, the electric motor is there to help you. Simply put, an electric bicycle is just a superior way to get around time, spend some time in the fresh air and nice weather, and have fun while doing so. The best part is that it’s very environmentally friendly. The Wave eBike is a sustainable transportation solution that costs only pennies compared to the cost of operation for any gas-powered vehicle. It is even arguably more cost effective than public transportation. There are plenty of great reasons to go electric, and we think once you experience the Wave eBike, you will agree that it’s both fun and exciting while also offering a great environmentally friendly transportation alternative.

The first and most obvious advantage of the electric bicycle is, as we’ve said, the ability to control how hard you want to work. The electric motor is always there to pick up the slack if you need to get up a difficult hill, or if you need to extend your range. You can choose to pedal at moderate levels of effort using pedal assist, or you can glide along without any effort at all as the electric motor does all the work. The amount of exercise you get, and the intensity of your workout, is entirely up to you. You could even choose to pedal all out without the motor at all, getting as strenuous a workout as possible, and then let the electric motor take you back home when you’ve finally tired yourself out. The limits of the electric motor option are really up to you and your imagination.

The electric motor option is especially useful when you’re dealing with a very steep hill, or just with a powerful wind that you’re fighting against. Anyone who has ridden a manual bicycle into a headwind can tell you that it takes a lot more effort than when the wind is at your back. And people who enjoy bicycling may tell you that the one thing they really dislike is fighting up a steep hill. With the Wave eBike, you can deal with both of those problems easier, making it much more comfortable to get up those steep inclines and to carve through those headwinds. But headwinds and steep hills aren’t the only problems you might face when riding a bicycle. Some people suffer from physical injuries or chronic conditions that make it harder for them to pedal for long distances. They can mount a bicycle and stay on it, yes, but due to ankle, leg, or knee problems, maybe they can’t pedal for the distances they might otherwise like to travel, or they lack the stamina that would make it possible to pedal for long distances. The Wave eBike perfectly fills that gap, allowing someone who would like to engage in bicycling to travel farther and for longer distances than he or she could travel under his or her own power. This helps the rider to build up stamina slowly, at his or her own pace, and can have a noticeable elevating effect on the rider’s mood and attitude. So many things become possible with the Wave eBike!

We’ve already mentioned the cost effectivity of using the Wave eBike to get around town. Consider the expense of gasoline in the last few years. While prices go up and down and always seem to fluctuate, it’s much more expensive to put gas in your car or even a motorcycle than it was a few years ago. In nice weather, you could supplement your automobile, motorbike, or scooter with the Wave eBike. By removing days from your schedule in which you don’t need to drive a gas-powered vehicle at all, you can greatly reduce your commuting expenses by taking your Wave eBike around town, to work, or to school. Sure, this option is not available to everyone, but a lot of us would bicycle to work or to school (or to anywhere else we needed to go) if we knew that we didn’t have to pedal ourselves into sweaty exhaustion to get there. The electric motor is the perfect supplement and opens up whole new worlds of options for transportation when you ride your Wave. And of course, when you ride your Wave eBike, you don’t need to worry about costly insurance payments or getting caught in traffic. The Wave eBike is light and maneuverable, allowing you to take smaller bike paths and travel into congested areas while hardly slowing down. And if you need to take the bike off the street completely, the cross-functional tires make it more than possible to do this. Once you get where you are going, just take your eBike inside or lock it to a suitable bike rack. So much for difficulty finding a parking space!

Our optional basket, not to mention customization that you can apply to your eBike, means you have a variety of cargo options. The Wave eBike helps you to get into shape while seeing more of the world and getting you out into the fresh air. It has all of the advantages of a standard bicycle but none of the drawbacks, thanks to the rechargeable battery and electric motor. Go electric today for better fitness, greater fun, and a sustainable, environmentally friendly approach to getting around or just enjoying yourself.

The Time To Go Electric Is Right Now

If you’ve been dragging your feet, so to speak, when it comes to buying an electric bike, we think you should really consider “going for it” right now. Never before in history have electric bicycles been so versatile, so affordable, and so incredibly packed full of great features. But the time for bicycling is also very appropriate when it comes to its cultural acceptance. In the last decade or more, there have been considerable infrastructure improvements in the United States when it comes to bike paths, bike-friendly traffic designs, and biking resources. There have also been thousands of federally funded projects devoted to environmentally friendly, sustainable projects involving bicycles and other elements of health, fitness, and wellness. There are double the people biking regularly now than there were twenty-five years ago, the number of regular cyclists has jumped maybe three hundred percent in the last ten years. The more people take up biking, the more our governments, local and national, take notice of this trend, and the more society moves to become ever more friendly to cyclists and their needs. There really is no better time to take up regular bicycling now than ever before in our history as a nation. We’ve also never needed it as much as we need it now.

That’s the “bad news,” so to speak. Our society is suffering an epidemic of ill health and obesity. In some ways this is very ironic, because we’re all more health conscious than ever before. Yet as keenly aware as we all seem to be of the need to become healthier, we’re moving in the exact opposite direction. Our modern conveniences and entertainments are producing a very sedentary culture. More children than ever before are obese, and more adults than ever before also fit into that classification. As a result, we’re getting fatter and fatter, and we’re seeing more and more health problems that are entirely preventable. These are health problems we can associate with and attribute to being too heavy. They are things like cardiovascular disease and diabetes in particular. So if we all just got more activity, if we all became a little healthier by becoming a little more active, society could move to reverse this trend. When you are used to hearing all the gloom and doom reports about how fat and unhealthy we’ve become as a people, that might not seem possible. You might just be feeling like the problem is too overwhelmingly huge and there’s nothing you can do about it. But the fact is, all we can do is change our own patterns of behavior and hope to change the patterns of those around us well. That’s where bicycling comes into play.

The Wave electric bike represents a hybrid form of transportation. It’s not a bicycle alone, which means when you choose to use it for transportation, you have a backup. You don’t have to worry that you’ll get winded, tired, and stranded somewhere. You won’t be walking the bike slowly back home in shame; you won’t end up wearing yourself out and then going home feeling like your legs are rubber and your lungs are burning. It’s a fact that especially in the early stages when you start to work out more and get more activity, you can overdo it. You can also underestimate how much you’ll need to rest. Your “ambition can be bigger than your body,” which means you set out thinking you can do so much, but the reality of how much you can do is a little bit less. That’s all perfectly understandable. It happens to all of us. The key is to remember that when you add cycling to your life on a regular basis, you can do just a little bit at a time. The Wave eBike’s motor can shoulder the load when you get tired or when you need a boost.

But buying a Wave electric bike is not about getting more activity in your life as a primary reason. That’s an added benefit, but the reason you buy a Wave electric bike is because it’s a fun, sustainable means of alternative transportation. The active word is transportation; you’re trying to get somewhere. Well, you’re not just trying. You need to get somewhere. We all have very busy lives and there are a hundred places we could conceivably need to get to. The old methods of getting around just aren’t cutting it anymore, especially if you’re looking for a healthier alternative. Subways are congested, unpleasant, and the sort of place where crime happens. Nothing good ever happens on a subway. Nobody says, “Oh, wow, I’ve been looking forward to riding on the subway all day. And if you’re the sort of person who commutes on subways or trains and has to ride them during rush hour, you know just how crowded they get. It can be a real drag using public transportation, especially because when you use public transportation, you’re at the mercy of the schedule your infrastructure has set for you. You don’t get to travel where you want, when you want. You have to adjust what you are trying to do around the schedule for that public transportation.

Taxicabs might be a little better in that they at least go where you want them to go, and you don’t have to share them with as many people, but nobody says to themselves, “Oh, boy, I get to deal with a cab driver today and I can’t wait.” Sure, some are great, but many more are not. You don’t want to have to shell out the kind of money it would cost to pay to go everywhere by taxi, either. Walking is sometimes a better option, but walking is very slow. You don’t want to go everywhere at a speed of three miles an hour, do you? That’s what you’re limited to, more or less, when you walk everywhere. That’s not really a better alternative!

The Wave Is The Better Option

A Wave eBike will vastly increase your range and the speed in which you can cover that range. You won’t be as tired when you get where you are going if you use the Wave with pedal assist, or you use the motor to do the work for you. You can move quickly, up to the regulated speed of the unit (which is quite speedy), and you can do knowing you are also getting to know the people and the world around you. You see, that’s what is missing in so many less personal means of transportation. Modern public transit feels a lot like a cattle car at times, just shunting masses of people to and fro while they do their best to endure the misery of the journey. When did we start accepting the notion that moving around from home to work or school and back had to be unpleasant? When did we resign ourselves to this new “reality?” We believe that getting where you want to go should be pleasant and even fun. We believe you should truly look forward to traveling when you travel with your Wave eBike.

And why wouldn’t you? Traveling by bicycle is a lot of fun. You aren’t just getting great exercise, although that contributes to your sense of enjoyment. You see, studies have shown that one great way to dispel feelings of depression, lift your mood, feel more awake, and even feel more alert and focused is to engage in some moderate exercise for just a little while. The exercise doesn’t even have to be that demanding. Counterintuitive though that seems, instead of feeling more tired after you exercise, you’ll feel more awake and refreshed. So the whole time you are using your Wave eBike to commute, out in the fresh air, with natural light helping your system (it’s healthy for you as long as you use sunscreen to block harmful UV rays), you’re actually feeling better because of these physiological effects. And biking, all by itself is fun and enjoyable too. It really is a great way to enjoy going where you’re trying to get.

There’s another aspect to cycling that cannot be ignored. Cycling is a very low-impact exercise that is not too hard on your body. As long as the bike seat you have is comfortable for you, and as long as you stay spry enough to be able to balance on the bike without too much difficulty, you’re not putting much strain on your muscles and joints when you ride the Wave eBike. Compare this to other physical pursuits that people engage in for exercise when they are younger, like weight lifting. There will come a time as you get older that you’ll have to back off the weight lifting because it’s become too difficult for you. Running, likewise, is very hard on the joints, especially the knees, the feet, and the ankles. So running will have to be replaced with walking eventually. And there are a variety of sports that people enjoy when they are younger that they just can’t do when they get older, because of stiffness, arthritis, cumulative muscle injuries, and other issues. All of these are exercises that you simply can’t sustain into your older years. They all have a “window of opportunity,” after which you have to stop doing them for fear that you’ll tear muscles or tendons, hurt your joints, or otherwise injure yourself and put yourself out of commission.

Bicycling, by contrast, is something you can do for a long time in your life, well into your older years, without fear that you’re putting undue stress or strain on your body. Quite the contrast. Being able to maintain your coordination through biking is actually very healthy for you over the long term. But there’s something else to consider when it comes to making the decision to add a Wave electric bike to your lifestyle, and that is the habits that you will inculcate with your family. Every parent is setting an example for his or her children. Every spouse or significant other is setting an example for their partner. If you become the sort of person who likes to be active, who likes to get out there and enjoy the fresh air, who chooses the Wave electric bike to get around as the better option compared to cars, buses, trains, and taxis, then you’re setting an example that the people in your life will follow. Parents who establish the importance of being active can expect their children to take their lessons to heart. You are creating a legacy of better health for the people you care about, and that’s a remarkably good thing. But you’re doing more than that: You’re helping to save the planet.

The other thing about riding your Wave electric bike is that, far from dreading your daily commute, you’ll actually start looking forward to it. When you come to enjoy the experience of riding your Wave, knowing you have this to look forward to will help you get out of bed in the morning. It will give you something you can truly enjoy first thing in your day, which sets the tone for the rest of the day as one of positivity and success. You’ll ride home excited for the opportunity to use your Wave again, and you’ll be in a much better mood when you get home. You’ve heard of the need to “decompress” after a stressful day at work or school, haven’t you? Well, the time it takes you to bicycle home, with or without your electric motor helping you, will give you time to mentally unwind from the day. That way, there will be less chance you’ll bring your stress home with you, less chance you’ll bring it into the lives of your loved ones, and more of a chance that you’ll be able to enjoy your leisure time without worrying about work and stresses you’ve left behind.

Consider the Advantages of Commuting In Your Wave eBike Model

We’ll cover this in slightly more detail in our page devoted to why you should choose an electric bike over a more conventional model, but to keep it simple, an electric bicycle offers a great compromise when you consider the amount of fuel required to go a specific distance. This is true whether you’re riding for fun or whether you’re using your electric bike for serious transportation. The fact is, in the warmer weather months (basically any weather that is suitable for using a motorcycle, scooter, or bicycle), the Wave electric bicycle offers a very real alternative for commuting in an efficient, environmentally friendly way. Think of it this way: Why don’t you ride your bike to work or on your daily commuting from Point A to Point B already? If the distance is “doable,” you probably don’t do it because you don’t fancy the idea of showing up to work in the morning sweating and exhausted. You already have other means of transportation, so taking a bicycle doesn’t occur to you. But with an electric bicycle like the Wave eBike, you can commute in comfort. The Wave gives you a possible commuting range much greater than the average person travels to work, and if you can safely bike there, you can do so with the electric assistance of the Wave’s motor and therefore use a lot less energy (and get a lot less tired in the process). Yet the average American doesn’t get enough exercise as it is and, even if you use the pedal assist or rely on the electric motor part of the time, riding to work on your eBike is still a much more active way to get from home to work and back again, or from home to school and so on. We could all do with a little more activity in our lives, but thanks to the Wave’s electric motor and its great range and speed, you can control just how much activity you introduce without running the risk of overdoing it.

Are you still not convinced? Consider just how much energy you are saving, not just for you, but for the entire planet Earth. Most cars, on average, can go about 20 miles on a tank of gas in stop-and-go city driving. A motorcycle will get you about twice that far for that amount of gas, depending on the model, and a scooter pushes that up to three and four times as much. But when you look at the equivalent energy of the electric charges in your electric bicycle to go the same amount of distance, you’re paying just a few pennies to go the same distance that you pay to go in an automobile. It isn’t just about efficiency, however. Think of how often you drive to work or school just kind of lost in a kind of fog in the mornings. They say that the best way to get your body feeling recharged and ready to go is to engage in moderate exercise, especially in the morning. You can really supercharge your energy levels with just a light amount of exercise by commuting on your Wave eBike. You don’t have to be exhausted and you don’t have to overdo it. You just have to get up and get moving, and the Wave will help you do that while making your travel fun, fast, and exciting. Remember, you’re not just bicycling to get wherever you want to go. You’re electric bicycling, which means you’re impressing those around you with your style, your commitment to a healthy lifestyle, your activity level, and your commitment to a happier, healthier planet. The Wave electric bicycle is the ultimate in sustainable, environmentally friendly transportation, but it does not lack anything in style while it gets you where you’re going. Don’t waste any more time. Get your Wave eBike today and start enjoying this new, fun, active way to get around.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Getting the Most Out of Your Wave: Safety

Your Wave eBike ships to you with an owner’s manual. We strongly encourage you to read it. Make sure you=u understand what it contains, including all warnings and cautions associated with your great new electric bicycle. Follow all of the precautions listed in the manual and on any other notices, labels, or stickers that you might encounter. And please, understand that your insurance policy may not provide coverage for accidents involving the use of this bicycle. In order to determine if you do have coverage, we encourage you to contact your insurance agent or insurance company to find out. As always, do your homework before you ride.

Please never tamper with the Wave eBike or its accessories. This is prohibited under any and all circumstances. Tampering with the eBike can subject you to legal liability while increasing your risk of accidents, injury, and death. The top speed of the Wave electric bicycle is regulated to 19 mph. Any tampering with the eBike’s regulating mechanism to increase its speed is done at the operator’s risk. The operator assumes all liability for such an act. Nobody under 18 years old should operate the Wave electric bicycle. Operating the eBike carries an implicit risk of injury or death, particularly if the operator fails to abide by relevant safety precautions. The manufacturer disclaims all liability arising from the risks assumed by operating the eBike.

Your Wave eBike is not a toy. Keep children away from this bicycle and make sure they are supervised if they are near the bicycle while it is in use. Children are naturally drawn to bicycles and will want to play on them. Parents and those responsible for children should be aware of this and conduct themselves accordingly. The bicycle has moving parts and electrical components that may present hazards to children, and these may not be obvious to children the way they are to you.

If you are new to bicycling, be sure to check with your doctor before embarking on any new exercise regimen. If, while bicycling using your eBike, you experience pain, discomfort, dizziness, lightheadedness, or any other adverse condition, stop using the bicycle and consult your doctor. Using the Wave eBike is supposed to fun and enjoyable. It should improve your health, not harm it. If at any time anything about using your bike is causing you discomfort, you need to speak to your doctor. If you have a minor issue that is something we might be able to help you with, such as adjusting the eBike to better suit you while riding, we encourage you to contact us to ask. We are happy to provide you with customer service.

Over time, all machinery can wear out, break down, or experience a malfunction. Your Wave eBike is well made to be durable and useful for a long time, with a minimum of necessary maintenance. It does, however, have to be properly maintained, even though this is easy and minimal. Before using it for the first time and periodically during ongoing use, inspect the Wave eBike for worn or damaged parts, loose components, or other signs of wear. Always take stock visually and make sure your Wave eBike is in good working order. We want your bicycle to provide you with many years of fun and recreation, and if it fails prematurely, we want to hear about it. If at any time you discover a problem with your Wave eBike, we encourage you to contact us for direction and/or assistance.

Keep in mind that using your Wave electric bike is an activity requiring freedom of movement. Please do not wear loose or flowing clothing, jewelry, or other items that could become entangled in the bicycle’s moving parts, including the wheels, spokes, and drive chain. Always keep an eye out for what you are wearing when you are biking, and make sure nothing on your body could become entangled with the Wave electric bicycle while you are using it.

Also, listed with your specific electric bicycle model is a maximum weight rating. This is the amount of weight the bicycle can safely carry. Do not exceed the maximum rated weight of the eBike under any circumstances. This includes riding with extra passengers on the bicycle (the exception is our tandem model, which is designed to accommodate multiple riders). Never allow an extra passenger to ride on the Wave eBike with you, and never allow another person to ride on the handlebars (which is very unsafe and prevents you from properly steering).

Keep safety in mind when charging your Wave eBike, too. When charging the eBike, plug the charger directly into a dedicated, grounded circuit providing 15 amps (110 volts AC) or 7 amps (220 volts DC) depending on your charger. Always check the charging requirements on the charging unit. A surge protector is recommended.

When using your Wave eBike, we strongly recommend that you use all necessary safety equipment. We don’t want you to have to feel uncomfortable, of course, but a helmet is an absolute must. It’s not out of the question to consider gloves, elbow pads, and knee pads, too. Now, this has nothing to do with the Wave electric bicycle and everything to do with bicycles in general. It’s sadly become the case that some people don’t want to ride with appropriate safety gear because the perception is that safety equipment makes you look silly. Well, why not really do it up? Get a helmet that really expresses who you are. There are all types of wild helmets on the market. When riding in bright sun, ride with sunglasses, both to cut road glare and help you see and navigate better, and also to protect the long-term health of your eyes. Pad up if you think you need to; we think it’s better to protect yourself than to risk an injury. And don’t forget to use sunscreen when you ride outdoors in the sun, too.

Get Around on Your Wave Electric Bike

Biking is fun, fast transportation compared to walking. Yes, you’re still out there in the elements, which means you can’t do it all year ‘round if you live somewhere that the weather turns very cold, but the rest of the year — Fall, Spring, and Summer — are all fair game. Plenty of people get around by walking, and those in some of the world’s major cities do almost nothing but. But there are times when walking is just too slow. There are times when public transportation just involves too many delays, waiting for buses and trains, and a variety of other obstacles to getting where you want to go fast. A bicycle, any bicycle, will get you there that much faster. On a bicycle, you can transform your motive power into leverage that propels you along much faster than you could ever go on foot, with less fatigue… and so much more smoothly! The average person walks around three miles an hour, but on your Wave eBike, you can cruise along much faster under your own power alone. That’s only when you feel like it, of course. If the going gets too difficult, or you get fatigued, you can kick in the electric motor and cruise along in style. Or, you can maximize your range. With pedal assist, you still have the assistance of the motor, but you’re also pedaling, getting the absolute most out of your battery.

The freedom of fast, versatile, bicycle power even rivals travel in an automobile in some congested cities. According to one source, the worst urban congestion can result in commute times averaging a staggering seven to ten miles per hour in an automobile. Compare that to averaging almost twice as much when you crank up your Wave eBike’s electric motor… and even when you’re just pedaling along under your own muscle power. A bicycle gives you incredible maneuverability in even congested areas, while also making it possible for you to get where you need to go quickly, efficiently, and most of all, quietly. That’s the thing about bicycles: Human muscle power, combined with our powerful electric motor, represent the most environmentally friendly compromise you could ever want. You can pedal along or ride in style, and you can get there all while comfortable in the knowledge that you’ve reduced your carbon footprint as much as you possibly can. Your bike emits no foul odors or exhaust, no pollution, and nothing at all offensive. The only byproduct of your time on your Wave eBike is a healthy sweat, if you choose to work yourself hard. And hey, if you want to relax and take it easy with the electric motor doing the work, that’s fine too. It’s entirely up to you.

That’s the versatility of the Wave eBike. We’ve made the Wave eBike the most affordable electric bike on the market. It’s a high-quality, high-excitement method of transportation and recreation. The choice is entirely in your hands. You choose how hard you want to work, how much exercise you want to get, and how comfortable your ride will be. It’s a very special, very personal mode of transportation that is versatile as you need it to be. Very few other methods of getting around give you the benefits that a bicycle provides while also allowing you to improve your overall health and fitness. And the benefits and workout of that bike are entirely scalable. Ride a little or a lot, pedal a little or a lot… it’s all up to you. How fast do you want to go? How far do you want to get? The only barriers to your goals are the ones you put on yourself. Your bike is your transportation to a world of freedom and excitement, where you can get where you need to go quickly while also having fun along the way.

Let’s be perfectly honest: We’re all excited the first time we get a driver’s license. Every young boy or girl knows the thrill that comes with being told that he or she passed that test, and for the next weeks and months, that kid looks for any excuse to drive a car. No matter what the errand, no matter what the excuse, a young person can’t wait to get behind the wheel. The freedom, the fun, being able to go out with their friends… these are all things that are possible to resist. But over time, that novelty wears off. With time and repetition, getting behind the wheel of a car just doesn’t seem like that much fun. After you’ve done it for a few years, driving a car is no fun at all, and every errand you have to run is an annoyance, not a privilege. Add to that the drag of being stuck and traffic, and you’ve got a formula for nothing fun. So something as simple and pure as getting out of the house and getting from Point A to Point B that used to be fun becomes drudgery, and something in your life is lost. Wouldn’t you love to be able to start enjoying yourself again when you go out? Doesn’t that seem like the kind of thing that would enrich your life and make even day to day trips fun and healthy for you? Well, we think so, and that’s why with the Wave eBike, we’re working to bring the most affordable electric bike to the most number of people. The Wave is not just transportation. It’s a lifestyle choice that brings you greater fun, greater health, and more options for how to get around. Most of us stop considering a bike as a means of transportation when we start driving a car… but as kids, in most of our childhoods, our bike was our go-to method of getting around for years. It was a huge part of our early lives… and your Wave eBike will make biking part of your life again, on your terms.

The Health Benefits of Biking

While it’s true that you could ride a Wave eBike all the time and almost never actually pedal, it’s natural to pedal the bicycle, and doing so maximizes your range if you want to travel with pedal assist. That means you can get as much or as little exercise as you want. But if you do some pedaling with the Wave, and we think you’ll want to once you see how fun it is, you’ll quickly come to see just how incredible the side benefits of owning a Wave can be. What that means is that when you make your new Wave eBike part of your life, the increased exercise you get is really going to start doing positive things for you. Now, we can’t guarantee that you’ll see any specific health benefits, but the fact is, when you exercise more and you bicycle more, you could at least potentially experience these benefits. That makes the Wave eBike a really great choice for improving your life overall while also getting to where you need to be.

So what are some of the health benefits of bicycling? Granted, you could get these benefits from any bicycle, but most bicycles don’t have an electric motor… and none of them has the powerful motor that we sell with the Wave. That motor allows you to ease into bicycling, especially if you aren’t in the best of health, you’re rehabilitating an injury, you’re getting a little older and are unused to physical activity, or you have some other physical, physiological, or mobility challenge. You’ll want to consult your doctor before increasing the amount of exercise you get, of course, but once you’ve made certain that increasing your physical activity is right for you, doing it with the Wave is an incredibly fun and productive choice. But it’s more than fun; it’s forgiving.

Let’s say you start out riding a regular bicycle without our electric motor. You might start to become fatigued while you’re out riding. You might have difficulty with tall hills. You might just try to take on more of a trail than you’re ready for. After all, when you’re just starting out, it’s easy not to know where your limits truly are. With the electric motor as a backup to your own muscle power, you can let it do the work for you, or just make the road a little easier for you. So you never have to worry that you’ll end up stranded and tiredly walking your bike home, or trapped at the bottom of a hill, or just horribly worn out when you get back. These are all experiences that ruin the fun of biking, and our goal is to make biking fun again (while also giving you a great alternative transportation option that is environmentally sustainable and environmentally friendly).

So what are some of the health benefits of riding a bicycle more often? They include the one that almost everyone experiences when they increase their physical activity level: Weight loss. But while you can lose weight by walking or running, running at least is very hard on your knees, your ankles, and your other joints, especially when you are overweight to begin with. The shock to your joints from moving around all that extra weight can cause more problems than it solves, at least until you start to drop the weight. Riding a bicycle, by contrast, is relatively low impact. You sit comfortable, you pedal, and the weight is taken off your joints (and put where it belongs — on your backside). Your seat can be tailored to suit you if you aren’t happy with the comfort of whatever seat your bicycle has to start with. And bicycles, even an electric bicycle like the Wave, are relatively low-tech, unlike automobiles. They don’t have complex systems that are difficult to understand, so there’s no worrying about a breakdown or a major malfunction. And if your electric engine were to run out of battery power on a ride, or you even had a rare mechanical failure that meant you needed service… you’re still riding a bike! You can easily pedal your way home without difficulty.

Among the other benefits of regular cycling are a more youthful appearance and better overall bodily health. What is the one thing that you’re not getting that you need to be getting in order to look and feel better, living longer, and enjoy better quality of life? It’s simple, and it’s something that most people are chronically short on: It’s sleep. You need to sleep more, because almost everyone in modern society doesn’t sleep enough. Sleep is your body’s vital method of restoring your body from one day to the next. It acts as a kind of filtering process, removing buildup from your body and mind that make you feel sluggish or even pained. There’s a reason that people don’t think well when they’re too tired. That’s a buildup of undesirable chemicals in the brain that sleep helps filter out. But if you can’t sleep for more hours in today’s busy society, perhaps you could at least sleep more deeply? As it turns out, that’s what riding a bicycle can do for you. There’s a very specific physiological reason for this.

You see, when you ride a bike, you are obviously exposed to more natural light than you would be inside a car (or riding inside of some form of public transportation). Research conducted at the Stanford School of Medicine has shown that when people who suffer from insomnia are told to ride a bike for about half an hour every day, they fall asleep a lot more quickly and they sleep for much longer. That’s a really big deal if you suffer from insomnia… but if your problem is simply that you don’t sleep often enough or long enough because of lifestyle choices or just bad habits, deeper sleep means getting more rest. That deeper sleep could make the difference in feeling better and being healthier. And it’s a fact that people who sleep better generally lose weight more easily and feel better overall. It’s like the opposite of a “vicious cycle,” if you’ll pardon the minor pun. The stress hormone cortisol in your body is one factor that contributes to weight gain. Exposure to sunlight, to natural light, especially in conjunction with exercise, helps restore your body’s natural rhythm while helping you to shed cortisol. Cortisol inhibits deep, restful sleep, the kind that you really want. The more you exercise, the more you get rid of that cortisol, and the better you rest.

There’s a reason that after a day of physical activity, you think to yourself, “I’m going to sleep well tonight.” But another effect of all that exercise, also proven by physiological studies, is that exercise helps prevent damage to your skin that would otherwise be caused by UV radiation. Reducing the damage while improving circulation, which biking also does, spreads nutrients throughout the body and to the body’s cells while again filtering out those harmful waste products that sleep helps to remove. All this means reducing the visible signs of aging, which equates to looking younger for longer. Physical activity gets your heart rate up, stimulating your muscles, and generally promoting overall health and wellness. But the cascade effect of better health doesn’t stop there. All this activity improves respiration. That equates not only to better overall physical health, but also to better overall mental health. Improved cardiovascular fitness has been shown to increase oxygen to your brain, improving your abilities to concentrate, to remember things, and to prevent the onset of chronic mental problems as you age. (Another thing that helps improve mental acuity is keeping your brain active, which is definitely a classic “use it or lose it” kind of scenario.)

But wait, there’s more. Do you want to live longer? People who are more active have been shown in study after study to live longer than people who are sedentary. When you make one of our Wave eBikes an integral part of your life, you are increasing your overall level of physical activity and making this a regular part of your day to day routine. This is much harder to do with a non-electric bike. With the electric motor, our beach cruiser (the original Wave) becomes a very viable option for daily commuting in all but the worst weather. Especially in those areas that don’t experience harsh winters, this means you could conceivably use your Wave eBike all year long as your primary means of transportation, or at the very least as a regular supplementary means of transportation. (We know that there are times when you might want to take the family out to dinner, and we wouldn’t want you to try and fit them all on the handlebars.) Even better, you’ll get sick less often when cycling is part of your regular routine. Studies show that if you make regular activity such as cycling part of your lifestyle, you will get sick about half as often as someone who is sedentary. Regular activity reduces the risk of obesity (obviously), high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Women who exercise regularly when they are pregnant may experience better overall health during pregnancy. Some studies indicate their labor is less complicated than that of women who are sedentary. The addition of regular exercise, like riding a bicycle, helps to elevate mood, which is very important during pregnancy (when pregnancy hormones often cause depression in women, as can the physical toll of carrying a baby to term).

Still not convinced that adding the Wave eBike to your life is right for you? Well, maybe this will help change your mind: The increased activity of regular biking might actually improve your love life. Men who cycle are up to thirty percent more likely to remain virile as they age, which demonstrates that cycling can help prevent erectile dysfunction in men. We mentioned the improved circulation that increased physical activity brings your body. Well, this same improved circulation, this improved vascular health, also increases sex drive and even improves physiological performance. In some cases, it may even stave off the onset of menopause. Men report improvements that are roughly equivalent to being men several years younger, too. Increased cardiovascular health means you can cut the risk of heart disease by up to half, preventing thousands of heart attacks just by cycling a few miles every day. This is compared to people who are sedentary and thus aren’t getting regular exercise, of course. And while you’re preventing heart disease, you may even be preventing worse things. There’s some scientific evidence from Finland that says a moderate level of exercise every day, such as when cycling on your Wave eBike to and from work or school (or just for fun), can cut the risk of developing cancer by up to a third.

Oh, but we’re not done. There are still plenty of other positive health benefits of integrating the Wave eBike into your regular daily commuting routine. You know that pollution is bad for you, and especially in urban areas that are heavily built up, pollution is a fact of life (even in relatively clean cities). It’s a fact that people who live, work, walk, and travel in cities are exposed to particles of pollution in the air they breathe. (In some of the most polluted cities of the world, they even wear air masks to avoid breathing some of these pollutants.) These particles can hurt your cells, damage your lungs, and do cumulative health damage over time. But a study conducted in London showed that people who ride in cards, in taxicabs, and on buses inhaled much more pollution than people walking and riding. The worst pollution was breathed by the taxi riders, while bus passengers and car passengers also got a substantial dose. But people riding on bicycles breathed in fewer fumes overall, partly because they generally ride out of the main flow of the traffic (where they are farther away from exhaust) compared to people in the direct path of all that gunk.

Another side benefit of adding the Wave eBike to your regular routine is that you are getting more exercise and flushing more toxins from your system. This means that you can indulge in less than healthy foods a bit more. You can even increase your intake of sodium because you’re sweating salt out of your body. As laced with sodium as most processed foods and drinks are these days, that’s good news for those who like to indulge in the occasional junk food binge (although we certainly don’t recommend overdoing it). And you’ll be getting better at whatever your chosen recreational athletics are while you’re doing all this. A Norwegian study showed that people who engage in regular aerobic activity actually see an uptick in their performance in other sports that they do, probably because they are increasing their cardiovascular and respiratory health and thus they are improving their overall stamina, coordination, focus, and muscle strength.

Plenty of charities involve sponsored athletic events, so it’s not inconceivable you could be boosting your ability to participate in these… and thus making other people’s lives better, when you start cycling with your Wave eBike. And while you’re out there cycling, you’ll be staying healthy while you get out, make new friends, and enjoy the company of other riders. Never underestimate the camaraderie of shared activities to bring people together. It’s a great way to get out and enjoy yourself. And there’s a physiological angle, too. Research done by the University of California showed that socialization — hanging out with your friends, engaging in shared activities, and so on — actually helps your body to produce more oxytocin. This is a hormone that makes you feel good and lessens your adrenaline stress response. Cycling burns a tremendous amount of fat and, over time, will actually improve your body’s metabolic rate. The really amazing thing, though, is that the metabolic benefits of bicycling don’t just happen when you’re exercising. The effects actually last for some time afterward, so your morning or evening commute on your Wave is still producing benefits even hours later. Imagine that; it’s like exercising without exercising during that time period after your ride.

A famous actor known for his addictions to alcohol and drugs finally kicked his bad habits. He had an addictive personality, he would tell interviewers, and what he needed was a healthy addiction, something that could occupy him and over which he could practically obsess that would not hurt him the way alcohol and drugs did. The healthy obsession he adopted was martial arts, which not only helped him physically but also improved his mental focus. This is thanks not to any esoteric facet of the martial arts, but because he was engaging in regular physical activities. And thanks to his new, healthy addiction, he did not return to alcohol and drugs. Well, research indicates that you can swap out something that obsesses you that is bad for you with something that is good for you (or at least better). Cycling can become your positive addiction or obsession, if there are bad habits in your life you would like to replace. There’s something to be said for the “runner’s high,” too. This is a feeling of euphoria that is not unique to running. Any physical activity can conceivably produce it if you engage in the activity for long enough. Bicycling can be your gateway to the legal euphoria of endorphins produced by your body during vigorous physical exercise. And don’t forget that physical exercise has been proven very effective in elevating mood and fighting depression. You don’t necessarily need to lie on a therapist’s couch; maybe what you need is just to get out there and pedal your way to work or school on your Wave eBike.

Exercise can even dispel feelings of fatigue. Just a few minutes of physical activity can help make you less groggy and more awake. Multiple studies have found that this is true. It sounds weird; you would think that the way to not be tired is to conserve your energy. But the human body is a remarkable machine, and it turns out that exercising and your using your body helps you to feel less fatigued than not using it. Regular cycling sessions on your Wave eBike could thus make you feel more awake and alive… and the alive part is no joke. Harvard researchers conducted a study for nine years and found that people who engage in physical activity have more friends, have lower blood pressure, have stronger immune systems, and therefore have a much lower risk of a premature death. In other words, regular exercise improves every part of your life AND makes your life longer. Just adding the Wave eBike to your routine could make all the difference in the world for you.

So there you have it. Adding physical activity to your life in the form of regular cycling with the Wave eBike is a lifestyle change that, even if you’re only biking for a few minutes every day, can drastically improve your quality of life and your overall physical health. Obviously, we can’t guarantee any specific results, and everybody is different, but it makes a lot of sense to us that getting out and pedaling can improve how things go for you. We believe that you deserve to lead a full, exciting, and fulfilling life… and the Wave eBike can help you do that. But as it turns out, the benefits of the Wave eBike are not just related to improve health and wellness. That’s a big part of it, but there are plenty of other reasons to embrace the eBike lifestyle. If you’re not convinced yet, well, we’re just going to have to persuade you. It’s long past time you bought a Wave eBike. It improves so much!

Can Commuting to Work on a Wave eBike Improve Your Performance?

We’ve said more than once that the Wave eBike makes a great commuter vehicle. It’s perfect for urban travel especially, where high congestion makes the maneuverability of a bicycle something that helps you slip through heavy traffic with ease. Well, if you’re taking your Wave eBike to the office, there’s a good chance adding our electric bicycle to your life could help you on the job, too. Researchers at the University of Bristol looked at a couple of hundred people. The employees who exercised before they went into work, or who worked out over their lunch breaks, showed that they were better able to manage their time, they were more motivated, they were less negatively affected by stress, and they even believed (at least in their own eyes) that they got along better with others, took fewer breaks during the work day, and were better able to meet deadlines. Now, it’s entirely possible that this link does not indicate a causal relationship, which would mean that people who are already better motivated, better focused, and better able to manage their time also happen to be the sort of people who get regular exercise. Then again, if there is a causal relationship, it makes good sense to add a Wave eBike to your life. After all, if you can get to work (something you’re doing every day anyway) but also incur some positive health benefits and career advantages along the way, wouldn’t you? It’s not as if you have anything to lose (except your love handles).

While the research couldn’t establish any sort of link between regular cycling (or exercise in general) and being upwardly mobile in the workplace, Ohio State did some interesting research a few years back that said the less obese you are, the more money you tend to make. Again, there probably isn’t a causal relationship in that being fat actively reduces your bank account, but it may be the case that those who are thinner and therefore more attractive have greater confidence and are better negotiators. Then too, there may be a perception of greater competence that, while unfair, is nonetheless real in a society that places a high premium on being physically attractive. Well, adding regular bicycling to your routine is one way to drop the pounds and become a slimmer, healthier, more attractive you, so commuting on the Wave may be just the ticket to sustain your long-term success in the workplace.

There’s another way to look at this, though, and it’s the concept of getting something for nothing or, perhaps more accurately, killing two birds with one stone. You have to get to work anyway, right? Well, if the time you spent commuting could be more fun, better for you, and more constructive, wouldn’t that be better than just sitting on a bus, sitting in a car in traffic, or sitting on a train or subway somewhere? Isn’t it better to get fresh air and enjoy all the positive health benefits of getting more exercise on a regular basis? You could be getting to and from work, or you could be getting to and from work while becoming healthier and better off overall. It seems like a no-brainer to pick the latter and actually start improving your overall health and fitness.

The same is true of getting back and forth to school, or to anywhere else you need to go on a regular basis. Bikes are much more frequently encountered in school settings, of course, and younger people, including college-age and graduate students, are more likely to be physically active. But a growing trend in childhood obesity is condemning more and more of our young people to be fat from their earliest years on through their teens and into their college years. This detracts from their enjoyment of what should be “the best years of their lives,” but it also has seriously negative effects for society. Widespread obesity is a drain on our healthcare system, sure, but obesity itself also creates a cascade effect of other health problems in those it afflicts. People who are overweight are much more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other ailments related to being overweight. As a matter of fact, some people who suffer from diabetes find that when they lose vast amounts of weight, their diabetes is effectively under control or even becomes a non-issue thanks to the shift in their body type and health.

There’s another aspect to consider when commuting to work or school, however. Ever have a “case of the Mondays?” It’s no secret that a lot of people are in a bad mood on Monday morning. Every day when you get out of bed (after not getting enough sleep), you’re usually none too happy about having to go into work or to school in the morning. But as you probably already understand, exercise, even just a little bit of moderate exercise, has been shown to elevate mood and reduce fatigue. The very things you need most in the morning on your way to work or school — to wake up, and to be less annoyed at having been forced out of bed — are what riding a bicycle can do for you. The eBike’s electric motor means you don’t have to pedal if you’re not in the mood; you can just ride along in style, effortlessly. But by the time you get to where you’re going on your eBike, chances are good you’ll feel more awake, you’ll be in a better mood, and you’ll be experiencing the supplemental health benefits that come from regularly getting more exercise.

Most people don’t enjoy going to the gym. Making your workout part of a routine is very important, therefore, to make sure you keep up with it. Well, with your eBike as your commuter option, you’re already getting your exercise as part of just getting to work! This definitely makes it routine.

Some of the Other Benefits of Bicycling

The benefits of owning a Wave eBike don’t extend just to your commute to work or school, however. Many of us stop using a bicycle, or even stop owning a bicycle at all, once we start driving automobiles. But if you’ve never been the sort of person who wanted a driver’s license, or you had one and let it lapse, that doesn’t matter. Your Wave eBike is reliable transportation on your terms, without the hassle of a driver’s license. It’s street legal almost everywhere, very quiet to operate, and of course very clean. But the original Wave eBike is also a beach cruiser. The reason we picked that style for the first Wave, and for our original crowdfunding campaign to bring the most affordable electric bike to the public, is it because it offers the most versatility for fun and excitement. You can ride out on the road with it without difficulty; you can ride over grass and sand with it; you can take it just about anywhere as long as the terrain isn’t hazardous. This is a bike that will definitely always get you where you want to go, but it will get you there in style. It’s just flat out fun to use. You should add the Wave to your life… and prepare yourself for all the enjoyment you’re going to have whenever you use it.

For example, you could use the Wave to establish in your life a family tradition of fun and fitness. Do you remember when you were a kid and rode your bicycle? Do you remember how much fun it was to ride with a parent, or even the whole family? It’s rarer and rarer these days, but when you see an entire family out for a ride on their bikes, it always brings a smile to your face. Well, you could be building memories like that. Your kids, if you have them, have bicycles of their own. Almost every kid wants a bicycle and will go through a series of them as he or she grows older. Well, why not join in on the fun? Even if you’re getting older and you’re not sure you have the stamina to keep up with your kids, you don’t have to worry. With the Wave eBike’s electric motor to shoulder all or part of the load for you, you can keep up with just about anyone over a reasonable distance. Now you and your family can ride in style, together, enjoying each other’s company and getting healthy exercise as part of your lifestyle.

Want your kids to be happier and healthier in life? Studies have shown that their future choices will be influenced by your current choices. That means if you establish fitness and activity as something central to your life now, your kids are more likely to take that to heart and follow through with it in the future. Biking with your family today might be the best way to see to it your kids spend their lives healthier and more fit than they otherwise would be. And if they stay fit and active, their own kids will stay fit and active… and on and on. When you establish great habits and great traditions in childhood, you are going a long way toward setting up the type of cycle of reinforcement that helps everybody along the way. That is yet another reason that bicycling is so good for you, and yet another reason to purchase a Wave eBike. Of course, one of the more compelling reasons to buy the Wave right now is that it’s so affordable. We’ve worked hard to make sure the Wave is the most affordable electric bike we can put on the market. We wanted it to be accessible to the most amount of people. We wanted to make sure that anybody who wanted to buy an electric bike conceivably could, and that’s why we’ve shattered the price points that have ruled the electric bicycle industry for so long.

Want to make sure you and your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend stay connected? Make bike riding with your partner a regular thing. Even before you have kids, you’ll both benefit from the experience. You’ll be closer, you’ll have a shared activity, you’ll be healthier and more attractive, and you’ll both appreciate the many benefits that come with these things. It’s the opposite of a vicious cycle. It’s positive reinforcement.

Establishing these traditions within your family is a great way to foster good habits, both now and later in life. And it’s also a way of building happy memories and of spending quality time with your family. Years from now, your kids won’t remember a lot of things, but they’ll definitely remember the fun times they had biking with their siblings and parents. Getting out, enjoying the nice weather, breathing the fresh air, and pedaling as much or as little as you want, all while spending great quality time with the people who are most important to you… what could possibly be better? And it goes without saying that if your date is the type of person who enjoys staying active, bicycling is a great way to share a romantic day of fit, fun enjoyment together. Biking in general, and bicycling with the Wave eBike specifically, can improve your life while giving you a central activity around which to plan outings. This makes everything you do socially a little bit easier, as it’s always easier to bond with other people when you have a shared activity in common. It helps you to break the ice, gives you something ongoing to focus on and to talk about, and generally provides you the same sort of cohesion that any sports team, club, or meeting group offers: When people have a shared goal, they tend to work together, and when they are engaged in the same activity, they will discuss that activity while offering help and advice to their fellows.

Can Bike Riding Make You More Creative? Can It Help You Live Longer? Can It Make You More Coordinated?

Have you ever thought about the expression, “I’ll have to sleep on it?” When people are facing difficult decisions, they often defer that decision until the morning, after they’ve had a good night’s sleep. And some people will tell you that when a problem or a question is bothering them, they’ll practically wake up in the middle of the night shouting the answer, seemingly at random. That’s because your brain is always working on things behind the scenes, in your subconscious. And that’s why it’s so hard to compartmentalize when you’re not happy about something or when something is otherwise bothering you. We get distracted when something is “weighing on our minds” because of that activity in the subconscious background. Your brain is always working away at issues even when you don’t think you’re actively working on them. This is why games and other activities that require you to focus in the moment help to distract you from things that are bugging you. It’s hard to worry about whether you’ll catch the flu this flu season if you’re playing a game of solitaire. While you’re playing the game, you’re thinking about the game, not other things. The same is true for video games and a thousand and one other pastimes that occupy us.

Sleep is part of the body’s natural filtration process, removing accumulated toxins from the body and clearing your mind. The process of dreaming is almost an “unspooling” of your mental processes. That’s why if you’ve been thinking about something during the day, you’ll often dream about it. Kids will have nightmares if they’ve just watched a scary movie, and so on. And what is it that helps you sleep better, get more rest, and feel more restored? Why, increasing your physical activity, especially activity outdoors that exposes you to natural light. Biking with your Wave eBike accomplishes all of these goals, helping you to sleep better, feel more rested, get the “filtering” you need… and maybe even make you more creative. That’s right: One study found that aerobic exercise helps to increase at least one way that we measure a person’s ability to think creatively. Again, the increase is probably due to the fact that increased activity improves your circulation, which in turn moves more blood around your body more efficiently, bringing more oxygen to your cells. That includes your brain. The better your vascular and respiratory health, the better able to think you will be. There’s an undeniable biological connection among these factors.

Now, while we’re on the topic, we would be remiss if we didn’t discuss the respiratory effects of bicycling. Regular cycling definitely improves your cardiovascular system and your respiratory systems. This means your lungs and your heart work better together, moving oxygen around the body more quickly to where it’s needed. This translates to you being able to exercise harder, longer, with less fatigue. And the more you can exercise, the greater your stamina, then generally, the greater your overall level of physical health. There are people all around us, and you may be one of them, who cannot walk up a flight of stairs without feeling winded. Regular cycling with your Wave eBike could conceivably change all that for you, making it easier for you to get around, for you to exercise, for you to have fun and engage in sports, while feeling less tired and less winded. You use up to ten times the oxygen bicycling than you do sitting in front of a television. When your body becomes a more efficient machine, you become healthier overall. And that means you’ll live longer, and the quality of life you’ll enjoy will be better.

If it sounds like we’re overstating the case a little bit, we suppose that may be true. It’s not like simply riding a bicycle, even an incredible beach cruiser like the original Wave, is going to improve all of your problems and make everything better by itself. But increased physical activity is tied to so many benefits that run through so many different parts of your life. It would be crazy to think that adding a Wave eBike to your lifestyle could not conceivably induce at least a few improvements. Cycling just a little bit each day can get you fit and help you lose weight in a way you’ll never really feel. You won’t feel like you’ve gone on a diet. You won’t feel like you’ve joined a gym. There’s no drudgery, no forcing yourself to get to the gym so you can lift weights and walk on a treadmill. Instead, you’re just going about your day doing the things you would already be doing: Getting from home to work or school and back again, or going to the various other places you might need to get in your day to day life. Over time, these better choices are going to produce great results for you. You won’t ever feel like you were sacrificing your punishing yourself. You’ll only know that you were using your great Wave eBike to get where you wanted to go and have fun while you were riding there. Regular cycling can, according to the National Forum for Coronary Heart Disease, give you the fitness level of somebody who is a decade younger than you really are!

Do you ever feel clumsy? Would you like to find a way to feel more coordinated? Regular cycling might actually do that for you, too. If you think about it, when you’re riding a bike, you’re pumping your feet in a circular motion, steering with your hands laterally, and maintaining your balance through your center of gravity. That’s a lot of different things going on at once. It’s why they say that once you learn to ride a bike, you never forget: You’re learning to be more coordinated as you do it. This is beneficial for everyone.

The Wave Represents a Technological Revolution

The advancement of the electric bike as a concept is one that represents a bold move forward for technology. It’s a very positive development. Electric motors have become small enough, light enough, and powerful enough to make a bicycle like the Wave a viable alternative in transportation. If you’ve been wondering if an electric bike is right for you, you’re not alone. Technological innovation, after all, does not necessarily mean a move forward. And in some cases the idea of environmentally sustainable technology has even become politically charged and unpalatable to some, because of the specter of government intervention and mandate. Unintended consequences are the order of the day when governments start meddling in technology industries. That’s what makes it so easy to forget that companies like ours are still innovating in technology fields… and still bringing great products to market that our customers truly want and need.

What makes the Wave eBike, as a concept, so revolutionary? Well, it’s simple: An electric bicycle represents a compromise at the low end of motorcycling. It’s not as fast as a gas-powered vehicle, but it’s much more energy efficient (the cost of operation of an electric bicycle is a fraction of that of a of a gas-powered motorcycle; even compared to public transportation, an electric bicycle is a very viable option. After all, an electric bicycle is basically just a bicycle that also has a battery-powered motor connected to drive it. This can be used either to assist the rider in pedaling, or to propel the bicycle by itself. Most locales do not require a special license to drive a gasoline powered scooter, even in traffic, as long as the vehicle falls below certain size and power thresholds. The Wave eBike is virtually unregulated in most municipalities, except insofar as bicycles themselves are regulated. This means that almost anyone can ride one, even those who do not have driver’s licenses. And the cost of purchasing an electric bike is far lower than the cost to purchase an automobile. It is also lower than the cost of most, if not all, gasoline-powered scooters.

The appeal, both as a fair-weather commuting option for energy-conscious citizens, and as an emergency means of transportation that can maneuver through obstacles and requires no gasoline, should be obvious. The potential of the Wave as an emergency method of transportation is overlooked by many, but it’s a very real means of escape if you need to evacuate where you live. One of the logistical problems that faces any prepared citizen in a localized emergency, a natural disaster, or some incident of civil unrest is the need to move from one area to another. If your fellow citizens are also evacuating the area, you’ll be facing congestion and gridlock. Depending on the emergency you might also be facing shortages of fuel. One of the potential solutions to this is to evacuate by motorcycle or, for even greater long-term sustainability, by bicycle. A bicycle properly equipped with load-bearing cargo equipment not only gets the weight of your survival or hiking gear off your body, but also makes it possible to go farther and get there faster. The appeal of the bicycle is simple: It is as maneuverable as a motorcycle, but lighter and quieter. It also does not rely on fuel. And you don’t have to worry about getting tired when you’re using an electric bicycle, because the electric motor is there to assist you when you start to flag (or to extend your range overall by making pedaling farther easier).

If the batteries of your bicycle are depleted, you can find alternative methods to charge them, just as people dealing with emergencies have found ways to charge their phones, tablets, and other electronic devices. So with an electric bicycle, you have many options, whereas with a fuel-powered vehicle, you are out of luck if you do not have fuel. A fully charged Wave eBike can help power you up hills and over longer distances to make your evacuation that much easier and to extend your range. But of course there is also the daily grind of commuting, for which the Wave eBike is no less a viable option. Simply put, the Wave eBike is the sustainable, versatile transportation option for a new era. It is environmentally friendly, it is quiet, it is efficient, and it absolutely will get you anywhere you need to go as long as the weather is not so harsh that a two-wheeled bicycle would have trouble making its way.

A truly sustainable, environmentally friendly transportation option is one the industry has been waiting for now for some time. There have been previous attempts, yes, but all of them have met with only limited success, if any. And some of the attempts to make the electric bicycle more affordable for society at large have resulted in disaster. Overall, until the Wave electric bike came along, with limited exception, if you wanted an electric bicycle, you had to be prepared to lay out some serious money. The Wave is the most affordable electric bike we can bring you for good reason: It represents quality and features that you would expect to find on electric bicycles costing many times more. In the modern and free world, cost equals access. A beautiful side effect of technological innovation is that products that once cost many times more have consistently dropped in price, making them available to ever greater numbers of citizens. The same is true of the electric bike, starting with the Wave eBike.

Take the personal computer as an example. The prices of these devices continue to drop. You can buy a computer for the price a printer once commanded. This is a great thing, and the market for electric bikes is no different. As prices continue to fall and access continues to improve, more and more people will turn to electric bicycles like the Wave eBike as a sustainable, environmentally friendly transportation option.