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The Comprehensive Guide to Understanding eBikes / Electric Bikes, Riding eBikes/Electric Bikes, and Shopping For eBikes/ Electric Bikes: 25 Tips You Must Remember

Electric Bike/eBikes Tip Number 1: Bicycles are Great and Electric Bikes/eBikes Are Better!

The electric bike is an incredibly popular means of transportation, but electric bikes are also a fun way to exercise and get around. Electric bikes make great commuter tools, but the electric bike is also excellent for simple recreation. EBikes are, in fact, revolutionizing the market for bicycles, as more and more bike riders start buying and riding eBikes. This is due in part to the new generation of incredibly affordable electric bike models that are fully featured eBikes, not just stripped down electric bike models. Thanks to electric bikes like the Wave, it’s now possible to buy an eBike at an affordable price that has features comparable to electric bikes costing many times as much. Where once it would take a thousand, even two thousand dollars to buy a high-quality electric bike, the Wave eBike product line can be had for a fraction of that cost. A quality electric bike is now as close as our website, and you need never settle for less in an electric bike ever again.


Bicycles have been popular for a very long time. While eBikes are new on the scene, electric bikes are very quickly taking the market for bikes (electric bikes and manual bikes both) by storm. That’s because eBikes give you all the benefits of a manual bicycle — fun, maneuverability, commuting potential, “fuel” efficiency, and increased activity and physical health — and all the benefits of an eBike. The eBike’s motor means you never have to worry about getting fatigued on long rides. This is why eBikes are so popular; they turn the standard bicycle into a very reliable commuter vehicle. EBikes are great for the environment and, because they increase your levels of physical activity, they are great for you too. But eBikes are more than just a healthy way to get where you want to go. Electric bikes are also incredibly fun!


It breaks down like this: All Wave eBikes offer you the ability to pedal where you need to go, or ride with the assistance of the eBike’s electric motor. The motor can do some of the work, or all of the work. Wave eBikes have an impressive range if you let the motor do all the work, but if you pedal and let the motor make your ride easier for you (especially when going up steep hills, or whenever you get fatigued) you can maximize your range. That makes commutes with our eBikes that would be difficult or impossible with conventional bicycles a real possibility for the electric bike rider on the go. And while you’re riding one of our Wave eBikes, you can do so knowing you have chosen a truly environmentally sustainable mode of transportation. Our eBikes are great for the environment because they use very little fuel per mile traveled. That’s a combination of the nature of electric bike technology itself, plus the fact you, the human being on the bicycle, are doing some of the work. When you come down to it, there are very few methods of transportation that will get you as far as eBikes will at a more affordable price… if any… at the speed an electric bicycle will propel you to.


You don’t just get from Point A to Point B on an electric bicycle from Wave… you also have fun. Riding eBikes is entertaining, gets you outside into the fresh air, and generally improves your outlook on life. The time to buy an electric bike is now! Shop the Wave eBikes for more information.


Electric Bike/eBikes Tip Number 2: Commute In Style!


Obviously, some of you may have purchased one of our eBikes, or are thinking of purchasing one of our eBikes, purely for fun. That’s because eBikes, like manual bicycles, are seen by many buyers as something done for fun, exercise, or as a hobby. Unlike in other countries, where bicycles and eBikes are becoming a common method of commuter transportation, eBikes in the United States (where we are based) aren’t yet seen as serious methods for getting to and from work, school, or anywhere else you need to go. But they absolutely should be! That’s because the electric motors on our Wave eBikes make it possible for you to take your electric bike much farther than you would an ordinary bicycle. And the motors on our eBikes will have you shouting, “I love eBikes, I love eBikes, I love eBikes,” because our electric bikes can whisk you up steep hills without difficulty and make the pedaling process over a long journey seem much easier than if you were pedaling manually. Quite simply, the electric bike is a commuter’s dream! Electric bikes help get you exercise, while electric bikes also move you along much faster than simply walking.


That’s something about electric bikes that cannot be overemphasized, in fact: When you ride one of our eBikes, you aren’t just using your human motor power to get somewhere. Anyone can do that by walking. When you ride our eBikes, the eBike’s motor pushes you along (if you choose to use the electric bike’s pedal assist, or have the electric bike do all the work for you), which means you get where you are going much more quickly. That makes commuting on your electric bike an option when walking would physically take too long. It doesn’t matter how great your stamina for walking might be; the average person walks at a pace of around 3 miles per hour. An electric bike is much faster! And while electric bikes’ top speeds are regulated to keep them street legal (there are restrictions on just how fast the electric bike is allowed to go, to prevent it from becoming the legal equivalent of a scooter or motorcycle), that translates to create working life for your electric bike’s motor (because a motor should not be run constantly at top speed, and regulating your electric bike’s motor means that it is running closer to its middle range, extending its useful life).


Imagine all the great places your electric bike can take you. Commuting with an electric bike, or traveling anywhere with an electric bike, is a great way to get where you want to go while enjoying the recreation and fun that eBikes offer. All the eBikes offered by Wave Electric Bikes are quality eBikes that offer features available on eBikes costing much more. When you’re traveling in style on one of our Wave products, you’re getting not only the best exercise possible, but you’re also traveling to your destination on an affordable, reliable, environmentally sustainable mode of transportation that will impress everyone who sees you on it. The time to get equipped with one of our Wave electric bikes is right now. Don’t delay any longer and don’t tell yourself that the time to buy an eBike is later on. The time to purchase is now. There has never been a better time to commute on an electric bicycle, in fact. Take a look through our Wave product line and choose the electric bike that is right for you. We’re waiting to equip you with a fantastic eBike today!


Electric Bike/eBikes Tip Number 3: Tackle Any Terrain!


Would you like to take your electric bike out on the beach and cruise? Wave eBikes can do that! Would you like to take your electric bike over grass and fields? Wave eBikes can do that, too! Have a hankering to take your electric bike out on the pavement? Wave eBikes can handle that! All our Wave eBikes are more than equipped to handle whatever terrain you can think to throw at your electric bike. That includes sand, grass, dirt, or pavement. No matter what terrain you want to tackle with your electric bike, the Wave eBikes can take it on. Electric bikes are the transportation of the future, and eBikes from Wave are the most comfortable means of commuting or having fun when you are on a bicycle. We have an electric bike for everyone! Consider our eBikes when you are ready to truly start having fun while getting where you need to go… and take one of our eBikes whenever you need to move while having fun!


But remember, riding one of our eBikes is not just something you do by yourself. Electric bikes can be a great way to ride eBikes with a friend or family member. Consider taking your whole family out on your Wave eBikes to ride the neighborhood the way families used to do a few years back. There’s nothing more enjoyable than a ride out on a beautiful summer afternoon. But our electric bike product line is also a fantastic way to commute. Our eBikes take you to whatever location you want to go, in quality and style. Imagine the looks on their faces when you pull up in a stylish electric bike from the Wave eBikes product line! There is nothing more modern than an electric bike. Always choose Wave eBikes, because when you choose Wave eBikes, you get both quality and affordability.


So, where do you want to go on our Wave eBikes? Is there any terrain that our eBikes can’t tackle? We don’t think so! For sport, for commuting, or for fun, there is nowhere one of our electric bikes can’t take you. The best electric bikes on the market are found right here… and when it’s time for you to select an electric bike to fit into your lifestyle, we know you’ll be happy with the electric bike you buy from us. So, what is your lifestyle? What trips are you planning to make on your electric bike? Will you be taking your electric bike to cruise along the beach? Will you be going off road with your electric bike to tackle hill and dale and enjoy yourself while you’re at it? Will you be commuting to work or school and getting where you need to go, safely and in a manner that is environmentally street legal? Well, no matter what you’ve got in mind, the Wave eBikes have you covered, much like this comprehensive guide covers all the different aspects of taking your electric bicycle out on the road, down to the beach, or over the fields between here and there and even grandma’s house. No matter where you’re going, no matter where you want to go, no matter where you need to reach, a quality, affordable electric bicycle is the way to get there no matter what. Our bikes are the wave of the future… and the best way for you to get where you want to go. Take a look through our extensive selection of electric bicycles today. The time to purchase a quality Wave eBike is now.


Electric Bike/eBikes Tip Number 4: They’re Completely Street Legal


Every one of our Wave eBikes is a street legal machine in almost every location. By this we mean that in most places, eBikes are not regulated by law. Now, it’s true that the electric motors of our eBikes, like all eBikes, have to be electronically regulated (we don’t mean regulated as in the legal sense, although in this case, both actually apply from a certain perspective), because what keeps eBikes legal is that their power output (and the speed they can achieve) cannot be above a certain legal limit. Beyond that, and our eBikes would be considered scooters or even electric motorbikes. We regulate the electric bike’s motor to keep it legal everywhere that you can drive one of our eBikes on the street — and in most places, that means you don’t need a special license. Yes, there are a very few municipalities that regulate eBikes, and in the state of New York, for example, eBikes aren’t street legal. But even if you live in one of those rare areas where eBikes can’t be ridden on the street without a special license, you can still enjoy our eBikes anywhere that electric bikes can be ridden for recreation. An electric bike, like all eBikes, is not a scooter and it is not a motorcycle. In fact, eBikes are an unusual hybrid that for some government entities defies description. Our eBikes are bicycles with integrated electric motors, period. You can get an electric bike from us and trust that you can immediately start riding. And hey, even if you don’t use the motor that makes your electric bike an electric bike, it’s still a bicycle at the end of the day.


The original Wave electric bike was built around the fun and excitement of beach cruising. It’s comfortable, it’s durable, and it has one heck of an electric motor, designed for power and reliability. A Wave electric bike is first-class, top-flight entertainment and transportation in a stylish and attractive package. It’s not enough just to have an electric bike; you want an electric bike on which you can travel in style! You can definitely do that on a Wave electric bike. Every Wave electric bike is built to an exacting standard and has great accessories available for it. In fact, our Wave electric bike models offer features and accessories you would expect to find on eBikes costing many kinds as much. This is part of what makes the electric bikes we offer such a great value: Why buy an electric bike that costs more than you need it to cost in order to get a full-featured electric bike that rides well and looks good? We don’t see any reason to spend a penny more than you really need to… so your electric bike from the Wave electric bike product line is waiting for you today! You won’t need a special license of any kind to take your new Wave down the road in all the locations where it’s perfectly legal to do so. It therefore fits nicely into a hybrid category between a manual bicycle and some kind of motorized transportation that requires a license. Best yet, though, the Wave eBike is incredibly cost effective. It costs only a fraction of the cost per mile of other forms of personal transportation, yet gets you to your destination quickly and efficiently. What could possibly be better than a Wave electric bike? How could you choose any other mode of transportation no matter where you need to go? Get your Wave eBike today!


Electric Bike/eBikes Tip Number 5: They’re Fantastic For Your Health


Another factor when considering an electric bike from the Wave eBikes product line is just how incredibly good our eBikes are for your health. This stems from the fact that every Wave electric bike is, after all, a bicycle. Our eBikes offer all of the health benefits of bicycles, and these are considerable. Possibly, while you may have shopped for eBikes before, you probably didn’t stop to consider the full extent of the health benefits offered by electric bikes. At the core of the appeal of the electric bike, and any bicycle set up like an electric bike (it’s possible to add an electric motor to any manual bicycle with a kit, after all, but you won’t get the great integrated features, style, and safety equipment you get from our eBikes. Every Wave electric bike is a great buy, because not only are our eBikes affordable and equipped with features you’d expect to see on much more expensive eBikes, but buying one of our eBikes is an investment in your health! The increased activity that you get when you make one of our eBikes a part of your life is of tremendous benefit to anyone. We all need to get more physical activity and most of us flirt with sedentary lifestyles. But our eBikes don’t just expose you to more physical activity (although the level of activity is up to you). They also expose you to fresh air and sunlight, too things you get plenty of when you’re riding an electric bike (or any bicycle). As anybody knows, the vitamin D you get from natural light, and the health effects of getting fresh air while you’re also getting exercise, are very much a real thing.


So, are you ready to make eBikes a part of your healthy lifestyle? Maybe you’re thinking of buying multiple eBikes so you can get all the members of the family in on the eBikes revolution. Whatever your reason for buying an electric bike from us, we think you’ll agree that an electric bike represents a fantastic upgrade for your health and physical fitness. Our eBikes will take you the extra mile… quite literally! There has never been a better time to get into eBikes, whether that’s eBikes for fun or eBikes for transportation. Electric bikes from Wave are the best choice when you are shopping for an electric bike, no matter whether you are looking for an electric bike to provide affordable transportation, or because you want an electric bike to revolutionize your lifestyle. No matter who you are and no matter what you do, chances are good that you sit a lot. Our modern lifestyle lends itself to being slow, soft, and sedentary. You can beat that by adding just a little bit of physical activity to your life each and every day. The time you commute to work or school on your electric bike, or spend some time cruising at the beach or around the neighborhood on your electric bike for fun, will add up to tremendous benefits. And you don’t have to take our word for it. There are numerous studies on the health effects both of bicycles and also of increased physical activity in general. An electric bike may not be the solution to everything that ails you, but there are a lot of health benefits to riding an electric bike (or just a bicycle) that you may not have considered. Get your electric bicycle from us today after choosing the model that is right for you. We can help you!


Electric Bike/eBikes Tip Number 6: Electric Bikes are Low Impact, High Benefit


One of the things to consider when riding your electric bike is that electric bikes offer a health benefit that working out with weights, running, and walking simply cannot give you. Riding electric bikes, it turns out, is low-impact. Riding eBikes doesn’t put the same stress and strain on your joints that running, lifting weights, and even walking might. If your eBike’s seat is nice and comfortable and the electric bike fits you properly with regard to your height, weight, and body type, then one of our eBikes is a great way to offer you a comfortable, stable, balanced electric bike ride that goes easy on your pace as you move. It gets you moving and helps you to ease into it, in some ways sharing some of the same benefits that swimming does (because the water helps support your body and reduce the impact on your joints). Riding our eBikes helps improve your balance, but that’s not all; Riding our eBikes also helps improve your coordination and your sense of balance. These are all things that eBikes do for you that are immensely valuable as you get older. Our eBikes might just seem like a great way to get around, have fun, and get to school or work when you’re younger. As you age, though, eBikes become a great option for getting much-needed exercise that you can fit into your schedule.


Are you a busy person? So many people are. Our eBikes allow you to fit much-needed exercise into your schedule. Yes, you can take our eBikes out for recreation, on pavement, on grass, at the beach, and just about anywhere else. But eBikes aren’t just for fun. As we’ve said time and time again, an electric bike is a great way to commute. And what does commuting with your electric bike mean to you? Well, you have to go to work or school anyway, right? Well instead of just sitting on public transportation, or burning fuel behind the wheel of a car, our eBikes can take you to work, school, or other short trips with ease. With eBikes, you don’t have to worry about distances that might have given you pause before, because eBikes aren’t bicycles. It’s not all up to you. The electric motor in your electric bike can help you up steep hills and also shoulder the load if you get tired of pedaling your electric bike. Our eBikes are the perfect backup for when you need assistance, or when you want the electric bike to do all the work for you. The Wave eBikes give you that choice, after all: You can pedal the eBikes all day long (and if you ride for so long your electric bike’s battery is depleted, you’re still riding a bicycle so you’re never stranded). Or you can let your electric bike do some of the work with pedal assist, so that the ride time with your electric bike is maximized (thus maximizing your distance).


You’re getting all these great electric bike benefits in a low-impact package. Exercise like the type you get with an electric bike may be the only option for some people. Electric bikes are a great choice for fun, exciting exercise that is also useful for transportation. If you have wondered if it might be time to upgrade your bicycle to one of our eBikes, or if you don’t own a bike and you’re wondering what to get, an electric bike from Wave is the right decision. Get one of our Wave eBikes today!


Electric Bike/eBikes Tip Number 7: eBikes Help Increase Your Activity


Electric bikes help increase your general activity level. Why is that such a great thing? Well, increased physical activity is almost always something a doctor will recommend for you. Our eBikes will improve your sedentary lifestyle. So many of us lead lives in which we get very little physical activity. This means we don’t have the appropriate levels of muscle tone, we’re frequently overweight, and most importantly, we lack physical stamina. Wave electric bikes can help improve your stamina when you make riding our eBikes a regular part of your day. And they SHOULD be a regular part of your day, because all of the problems associated with being too sedentary can be corrected if you just add into your life more physical activity. For a lot of people, electric bikes are the best option. That’s because, unlike eBikes, walking and especially running or weight training can prove to create too much stress on their joints. Even just a moderate physical activity, undertaken regularly, can have a beneficial effect. This is where our eBikes come in. Our eBikes can change your lifestyle by becoming part of your regular routine. When getting around, going to work or school, or going for a daily ride in the morning, at noon, or in the evening are part of your habits, then your habits include regular, low-impact, moderate levels of physical activity as facilitated by the Wave eBikes! That’s a great thing and has many far-reaching effects on the quality of your life overall. There are multiple studies that prove that electric bike riding (or any bicycle riding, not just electric bike riding) is great for you. But the benefit of our eBikes is of course the safety net they provide.


There’s no concern about overextending yourself on a long ride and then becoming tired when you ride our eBikes. The electric motor of the powerful Wave eBikes will speed you home under its power if need be. The electric bike can also assist you in pedaling to make the whole ride overall less strenuous. Wave eBikes are the affordable “green” transportation of the future. Wave eBikes cost only a fraction per mile of the cost for most other forms of transportation. Wave eBikes are stylish, modern, and very attractive. Wave eBikes are well-thought-out and, best of all, boast features you’d expect to find on electric bikes at much at much higher price points! When you take all this in, you’ll easily be shouting, “Wave eBikes, Wave eBikes, Wave eBikes! I absolutely love Wave eBikes!” It may seem strange to have opinions about electric bikes that are this strong but, honestly, we certainly do. We felt so strongly about electric bikes that we assembled a team of people who ride electric bikes and who, like us, love electric bikes. Our goal was to bring a high-quality electric bike to the market that other people would love as much as we do. We feel strongly about electric bikes because, among other things, we truly believe the electric bike is the future of transportation. Long after other modes of transportation have proved to create too much congestion or pollution, the electric bike will be leading the way.


So, are you ready to pick up an electric bike and start improving your physical activity… and your life? There is no better electric bike than OUR electric bike. Get one of the Wave eBikes today. An electric bike can improve your activity levels and help improve your physical fitness overall. Don’t wait to find out. Get one today!


Electric Bike/eBikes Tip Number 8: Electric Bikes Elevate Your Mood


If you could buy something that would immediately make you feel better, would you? Well, you can. What is that thing, you might ask? We’ll give you three guesses… and the first three answers are eBikes, eBikes, eBikes. Specifically, the Wave eBikes have the ability to make your mood better. That’s because our eBikes help you up your levels of physical activity, and increased physical activity (such as riding your electric bike or any bicycle, for that matter) can help you to feel better. This isn’t a phenomenon just associated with eBikes, of course. An electric bike is a great way to get exercise, but the whole point is that exercise itself has a proven effect (proven by science) on your mood. In fact, moderate levels of physical activity can help improve depression or keep it at bay, at least according to one study we encountered. Regardless, an electric bike could be just the thing to help you incorporate more regular physical activity in your life… because you’ll be using to get back and forth where you normally would go in the course of your day and week. Your electric bike can be either a recreational tool or your means of regular transportation for commuting.


Our eBikes are great methods for commuting because they’re environmentally friendly, sustainable, cost very little to operate, and cost very little to acquire. But let’s talk about that cost for a minute. Our eBikes are extremely affordable. We’ve made sure to source materials and create a design that makes our eBikes more affordable than comparable models from other manufacturers. That means you can buy one of our eBikes for less money, yet get just as much electric bike for the cost. We are all about providing affordable eBikes to the public, and the lower price point for our eBikes is just one more reason that electric bikes can help elevate your mood. An electric bike from us is a great value that is also a great deal of fun. Wave eBikes represent the future of sustainable transportation. Don’t just say to yourself, “I need eBikes, I need eBikes, I need eBikes.” Take that chant a step farther and actually get out there and acquire one of our electric bikes. They’re fun, they’re entertaining, and they represent some of the best electric bikes available for your money. A Wave electric bike is a commuter and a recreational electric bike, an electric bike you can use to go cross country and an electric bike you can use to get to work. Every electric bike from Wave has the same great quality and well-thought-out design that brought us into the electric bike market in the first place. We’ve learned a lot getting to where we are now, and we know that you’ll never be happier than when you add to your general level of fitness and daily activity by incorporating an electric bike in your routine.


Now, yes, we understand that you can do all this with a regular bicycle. Just getting up and moving is part of it. But we think an electric bike is a great way to make your new lifestyle more entertaining and more interesting. If it’s interesting and exciting, you’ll stick with it… right? Well, that’s what a positive change in your lifestyle is all about. That’s what we can do for you, and that’s what we’re prepared to provide. We just want you to experience the joy of one of our electric bicycles. Pick up one of our eBike models today!


Electric Bike/eBikes Tip Number 9: You Never Forget How to Ride


Have you ever wondered if you would be able to just pick up one of our eBikes, get on one of our eBikes, and ride one of our eBikes like you had always been riding one of our eBikes? Well, wonder no longer, because the Wave eBikes are bicycles like any other bike, with the exception of the electric motor that makes our eBikes special. If you can ride a bicycle, you absolutely can ride an electric bike, because you never forget how to ride a bike. That’s true of manual bicycles and it’s true of electric bikes. The result is that if you’ve ever before owned and enjoyed a bicycle, there’s every chance you can own and enjoy one of our eBikes, even if it has been some time since you owned and regularly rode a bicycle. That’s the beauty of electric bikes! They’re for everyone, and if taking a tour on one of our eBikes doesn’t thrill you, if our eBikes don’t excite you, if our eBikes don’t fill you with a sense of the potential you face when it comes to what you could be doing for work, for fun, and for transportation, then we would be very surprised. If you used to bicycle a lot, the time to get one of our eBikes is now. If you have always been a bicycle rider and you’re looking to upgrade, the time to buy one of our eBikes is now. And if you’ve never ridden a bicycle before and you’re thinking of getting into it now, or you did so as a kid but it’s been years since you’ve tried, then again, the time to get one of our eBikes is right now. There’s no reason to hesitate: Our electric bikes are affordable, our electric bikes are well made, our electric bikes boast a state of the art design, and our electric bikes have great aesthetics. Best of all, our Wave eBikes are the best buy on the market, in our opinion. Don’t pay too much when shopping for eBikes. Pay just enough to get a quality product when you purchase one of our Wave eBikes.


An electric bike should be something that makes you happy. It should make you smile every time you climb aboard your electric bike. If that doesn’t happen, something is very wrong. Either you’ve chosen the wrong electric bike or you’ve paid too much for your electric bike, but either way, we can correct that problem for you. We want you to get just the right electric bike at just the right price. That means buying one of our great Wave electric bike products from among a product line that that is devoted to bringing you the best in contemporary eBikes at prices that won’t break the bank. Whether you have been mulling over the purchase of an electric bike for some time, or you have wondered if perhaps an electric bike was right for you only recently, we can help put you on an electric bike that has the design and the features that you want and need. If you’re considering an electric bike, don’t let worrying about whether you’ll be able to ride it stop you from going for it. You’ll quickly pick it up again, or learn for the first time, no matter what your situation. Electric bikes aren’t just fun and they’re just reliable, sustainable, affordable transportation. They’re also a statement that says you’re ready for modern life. Electric bikes really are the future of transportation for that reason.


Electric Bike/eBikes Tip Number 10: Electric Bikes Promote Better Circulation


The increased activity of riding an electric bike has a host of other great benefits. This includes improved circulation. When you exercise, including when you pedal our eBikes, you improve circulation to your body, and that improved circulation brings more oxygen to your cells. This includes bringing more oxygen to your brain. That’s right: Riding an electric bike improves the flow of oxygen to your brain, which has great benefits for you. You think better, you feel better, you improve your respiratory health, and you improve your vascular health. Pedaling your electric bike, therefore, is all about letting our eBikes up your general level of fitness. Now, no, eBikes are not a magic bullet. Our eBikes can’t solve everything you’ve got going on. But our eBikes are a great step in the right direction, because eBikes give you the impetus to get you moving. Pedaling your electric bike is fun! Our eBikes are a great way to just to start moving around and getting your body up and around. The thrill of riding an electric bike is just part of the fun. There’s also the knowledge that making one of our eBikes your regular method of transportation is absolutely helping to save the planet. After all, we’re all very aware of the challenges our planet and its finite resources face these days. Increased reliance on eBikes could help improve a difficult situation. Our eBikes are stylish, fun, well designed, and a great way to transport yourself from point A to point B. But they’re so much more than that. Our eBikes, like all eBikes, are both recreation and transportation in one.


Let’s go back to the circulation improvement, though. The increased physical activity you develop when using eBikes for transportation helps improve your body’s overall level of fitness. Moving your body regularly with our eBikes helps improve all kinds of things within you. Increased physical activity, and not just with eBikes, has been demonstrated in multiple studies to have a beneficial effect. And while you aren’t always pedaling with an electric bike, you are definitely going to be pedaling at least part of the time. That means electric bikes provide the health benefits that bicycles do, and the reason that bicycles (or electric bikes) improve your health is because they promote getting more exercise. You’ve always being told that you should get more exercise. Now you can with an electric bike. And there has never been a better time to purchase an electric bike! Our whole electric bike product line is waiting for you and stands ready to serve you. We have an electric bike for every need… and that includes your budget! That’s right: You don’t have to pay too much for an electric bike. Buying one of our eBikes means you’ll get a great electric bike that is affordable. You’ll get an electric bike that is of high quality, too. That’s what all our electric bike efforts are about, after all.


There is no reason to choose a different brand of electric bike. The Wave eBikes offer you everything you want in an electric bicycle, from a company that is built on serving your needs. We are a company by and for people who love electric bicycles, so we know not only what you are looking for, but what it takes to please you as a consumer. Electric bikes are very important to us. We know they’re very important to you, too. For that reason, we strive to make sure you get exactly what you want and need.


Electric Bike/eBikes Tip Number 11: Electric Bikes Promote Better Rest at Night


Ask anyone what they could have more of and they’ll probably tell you, “more sleep.” That’s because our society lives in the grip of chronic sleep deprivation. We simply don’t get enough rest, and for that reason, most of us are walking around too tired and sleep-deprived. There’s no way to “sleep faster,” but there is a way to get a higher quality of restful sleep… and that is with our eBikes. Now, you may be wondering, how do eBikes promote sleep? How can eBikes help me to get better rest? The reason eBikes help you to sleep better is because pedaling an electric bike promotes getting more exercise. But you aren’t just pedaling the electric bike indoors, are you? No, when you’re riding your electric bike, you’re riding your electric bike outside. This is important, because outside air, and the exercise that goes with it, helps you to feel more ready for rest and to get more restful sleep at night. This is incredibly important (and we mean this apart from any discussion of eBikes, even though we think eBikes are important) because sleep is the mechanism through which your mind and body are cleansed of the buildup of toxins and other biochemical waste that accumulates within you throughout the day. Resting, and getting sleep, are why your mind is sharper and clearer, and your body is more prepared, after you’ve had a good, restful night of sleep. Riding electric bikes can help give you that by promoting the type of exercise and fresh air that are shown to make a person sleep better and more deeply at night. There’s a reason that parents often look at kids who are playing outside and say, “They’ll sleep well tonight.” Riding eBikes can help you have that restful, played outside all day kind of sleep by giving you exercise and fresh air at the same time.


Getting great exercise thanks to your electric bike, and getting better sleep at night, are just some of the benefits of owning our eBikes. Our eBikes are designed to provide you with great, reliable, fun transportation. That means you can buy our eBikes with pride, knowing you’re getting a great product designed by electric bike people for electric bike people. We take our business very seriously. We love electric bikes! Perhaps more importantly, we want YOU to love electric bikes. Owning our eBikes can help create that feeling in you, and riding our eBikes can give you the type of experience that only a quality electric bike provides. Electric bikes, as the transportation of the future, are always worth considering. When you’re shopping for eBikes, though, make sure you’re shopping for Wave eBikes. Only Wave eBikes offer you the features at the price point that Wave eBikes can boast. Only Wave eBikes have our great styling, our great look, and our commitment to excellence in eBikes. There are lots of electric bike models on the market, but only an electric bike you get from us will truly satisfy you if we know electric bikes as well as we think we do. It’s part of who we are and it’s definitely the reason for what we do. Electric bikes are what get us up in the morning, and electric bikes are why we go to sleep with smiles on our faces. You should consider shopping with us if you’re considering buying an eBike. And if you aren’t yet convinced that an eBike is right for you, let us show you why it definitely is.


Electric Bike/eBikes Tip Number 12: Electric Bikes Have Great “Fuel” Economy


So, you know that it costs nothing but human muscle power to propel a bicycle, right? Well, an electric bike costs only slightly more when you factor in the “fuel” cost of the electricity that runs the eBike’s motor. Electric bikes are a great compromise among all the available factors when you’re considering what it costs for a mode of transportation to move you from point A to point B and you want to know what the unit cost of travel might be. While it’s true that you can’t ride eBikes (or bicycles) in all the weather (and not year-round, depending on where you live and how harsh the weather might get), for a good portion of the year for almost anyone, eBikes are a very real alternative. Physically being able to move yourself about on our eBikes is not the only factor, though. There’s also the cost that it takes to run an electric bike. Now, strictly speaking, it doesn’t cost anything at all to run an electric bike, because eBikes can be entirely human powered. But you don’t buy one of our eBikes and never use the motor because that would defeat the purpose. Obviously, if you purchase from among our line of eBikes, you’re doing it so that you can use the electric motor to extend your range using pedal assist, to get you up steep hills with less effort, or to shoulder the burden entirely and whisk you along at impressive speeds without you having to pedal. That’s what makes eBikes special: all the transportation options they give you. Our eBikes make it possible for you to go farther, faster, and that makes commuting with an electric bike a very doable possibility. But how do the costs compare? Well, studies of other transportation methods compared to our eBikes show that it costs only a fraction per mile (compared to the cost per mile of other modes of transportation) to keep eBikes on the road. Because they produce no emissions they’re already a very “green” vehicle, but their sustainability makes eBikes that much better for the environment… and their low cost to operate makes eBikes a truly wise budget-minded choice.


Electric bikes therefore represent a sea change in attitudes about reliable, affordable, sustainable transportation. Our eBikes can change how you look at commuting, but they’re not just affordable and cost-effective for commuting. Our eBikes are also great fun for recreation. When you tackle the beach, the outdoors, the open road, or any other territory with our electric bikes, you can truly enjoy getting exercise, seeing the outdoors, and getting where you’re trying to go with speed and ease. Electric bikes, especially the Wave electric bikes, are the best of all possible worlds. Our electric bikes are affordable, our electric bikes are well made, our electric bikes are well designed, and our electric bikes are fun. Why would you buy another electric bike when you can get an electric bike that offers all this? You will never have a better opportunity to purchase the Wave eBikes than with us right now. So, once you’ve had a chance to consider all the other sales options, and once you’ve set aside the competition, the time is right to choose your electric bike with us. We know that even the most exhaustive search will bring you right back here to us. We’re proud of what we do and the great electric bike product we offer. We think you’ll agree once you’ve had a chance to really see what we offer.


Electric Bike/eBikes Tip Number 13: eBikes are Fun While You Move


Over and over again we’ve told you that the Wave eBikes are a great deal of fun. And that statement is absolutely true: The Wave eBikes are an incredibly joy to ride. Other eBikes may have a certain “wow” factor to them, and other eBikes may be attractive to look at, but we’ll gladly stack the Wave eBikes against any other eBikes out there when it comes to pure fun potential. Your electric bike experience ought to be enjoyable. It ought to be fun. It ought to be the kind of thing that you’ll remember for a good long time. When you climb aboard your electric bike, it should fill you with excitement. You should feel almost like a kid again on your electric bike. If you don’t, chances are good you bought the wrong electric bike, or perhaps you paid too much for your electric bike. Either way, the Wave eBikes are the solution to the problem, because the Wave eBikes have the features and the price point that will help you truly enjoy your biking experience once more. Even if you are kind of burned out on the topic of electric bikes, and we couldn’t blame you if you sometimes feel that way even though you enjoy electric bikes overall (even the most devoted electric bike hobbyist sometimes wants to think about something other than eBikes), our Wave eBikes will have the spring back in your step the moment you climb aboard and ride one of our eBikes. That’s because our eBikes let you enjoy high quality without the types of prices some higher-end eBikes command. In other words, you can get a price-effective, cost-efficient electric bike from us, which will help you better enjoy your eBike’s potential every time you ride it. That will be true because you’re not thinking about your eBike’s price tag every time you climb aboard it.


Let’s look at this very honestly: eBikes are just one way to get around… but they may well be the most enjoyable. eBikes are pure fun when you’re riding. Some people enjoy pedaling their electric bike like a manual bicycle, some people enjoy letting their electric bike do the work for them, and some people enjoy having an electric bike with pedal assist that makes the whole experience easier. Whatever your choice in an electric bike experience, we know that you’ll be riding and having fun the whole time you’re on one of our electric bikes. We’ve invested a lot of time, effort, and energy into that fact. An electric bike from us is not just a method of transportation. One of our electric bikes is more than the sum of its parts. Our electric bikes are the culmination of all our electric bike efforts. When you purchase an electric bike after shopping for an electric bike, we would be honored if you chose us. And we’ll do everything we can to be worthy of your choice, giving you a product that that meets your needs. So, would you like to finally start having fun when you’re on the go? Are you ready to add an electric bike to your life and enjoy your mode of transportation as much as you enjoy the destination itself? We think that’s a laudable goal, and one that everyone should aspire to. There is room in every person’s life for an electric bike. It’s a great choice that everyone should make, especially if they like having fun when they’re going somewhere. Get your incredible Wave eBike from us today!


Electric Bike/eBikes Tip Number 14: Saving the Planet with eBikes


One of the major positives about the Wave electric bike product line is that when you invest in an electric bike, you are taking a very bold move toward saving the planet. That’s because every electric bike on the road is an electric bike being used for transportation instead of a car or a truck. Compared to electric bikes, traditional automobiles and even motor scooters and gas-powered motorcycles use a LOT more energy. That means eBikes are a much better choice for preserving the environment. If more people rode eBikes, there would be a lot fewer pollution-emitting vehicles on the road. That means that eBikes are an incremental step towards a cleaner future. And the best part is that you are sacrificing nothing when you ride an electric bike instead of, say, a motorcycle. Sure, eBikes don’t travel as quickly as motorcycles (by law and thanks to the regulated electric motor), but eBikes will get you where you need to go more than quickly enough. Sure, electric bikes aren’t an all-weather method of transportation, but eBikes can be used for a very good portion of the year even if you live in a climate that is less than gentle. When you come right down to it, eBikes give you almost everything that more pollution-emitting vehicles do, and every moment you are riding with eBikes, you can feel good about yourself. Buying eBikes is as simple as choosing to befriend the planet a little more. And knowing that you can do that, don’t you feel obligated to do so? If buying eBikes is as simple as choosing to save the planet, then why wouldn’t you buy an electric bike whenever you were shopping for transportation?


Electric bikes are fun. Electric bikes aren’t just recreation, though. An electric bike is a very serious, thoughtful step toward protecting the planet we all live on. Buy an electric bike and know that when you are getting around, there is all kinds of pollution that is not happening thanks to you. With an electric bike as your primary means of transportation, you are a friend to the environment and doing more than just paying lip-service to the idea (as so many do). Embrace eBikes and become the person you have always wanted to be. Embrace eBikes and enjoy yourself every time you commute to work, commute to school, or just go out for a recreational ride. The Wave electric bike is the future of environmentally friendly transportation. The Wave electric bike can be your best ally in saving the planet. Shop our eBikes now and choose the electric bike that is right for you.


When you consider all your choices in transportation, and there are a lot of them, you should stop and ask yourself if there are little, incremental steps you could be making to improve the planet. The choice of an electric bike is one of these. It doesn’t just reduce pollution; it also reduces congestion. Individual electric bikes are smaller and more maneuverable than even motorcycles. Imagine a city where electric bikes — silent, environmentally friendly electric bikes — were the primary means of transportation throughout the area. This would be of huge benefit to everyone in the area… and this is the kind of improvement you can bring about in your city by choosing to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Electric bikes are not just the future of environmentally friendly transportation, therefore. They are your declaration that you’re on the right side of the environment.


Electric Bike/eBikes Tip Number 15: eBikes are Sustainable Transportation


Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what sustainable really means? Well, sustainable transportation is more than just paying lip-service to the idea of eBikes. You can’t just sit there humming, ” eBikes, eBikes, eBikes, eBikes, eBikes,” and actually think you’ve made a difference. Embracing eBikes is more than just paying lip-service to the idea and it’s more than just saying you bought one of our eBikes because you wanted to save the planet. Buying eBikes as part of a lifestyle is about sustainability, where sustainability is defined as what you can do for the long-term survival of both yourself and the environment. Obviously, the environment will last a lot longer than you do… but if you do things right you are going to be around for a good long time yourself. That means it’s your job to do things like embracing eBikes as opposed to more polluting forms of transportation because eBikes can be the bridge to a brighter, more environmentally sustainable future. The embracing of eBikes could be the glue that holds future societies together… and if that sounds ridiculous and overwrought, it shouldn’t. Societies that take the environment seriously, that look at the electric bike and see a means of building sustainability into their long-term plans, are thinking globally and environmentally consciously. That’s a mouthful, isn’t it? But the electric bike is more than an idea. It’s a truly workable solution to very real environmental problems. That’s what makes the electric bike sustainable in the long term. In other words, the electric bike is solution contained within itself. It is not a stopgap. The electric bike can be the means through which human beings transport themselves in an urban area, or even cruise the outdoors and ride for recreation. The Wave eBikes and all other electric bikes can lead the way to a future in which our means of transportation pollutes less and takes up less space.


That is the goal of any sustainable means of transportation, after all. It is to move people from place to place while doing the least damage necessary to the environment. We can’t live zero-emissions lives; we will always have some impact on the world around us. But when we use electric bikes instead of cars or trucks, we use much less energy. Our electric bike also gives us a great deal of enjoyment. That enjoyment factor, that recreation, should not be overlooked when it comes to electric bikes. Why shouldn’t eBikes be fun? Why shouldn’t you enjoy going places on your electric bike? Isn’t there room in your life for more fun? We certainly think so. Adding eBikes to your life is a great way to up the fun potential. And eBikes have no emissions to worry about. Sure, the power that drives their motors doesn’t come for free, but they use very little of it. The “electricity” in electric bikes just doesn’t amount to that much compared to the pollution produced by other forms of transportation.


When you add up all these facets of sustainability, the choice is clear: You should be riding an electric bike. Yes, there are other methods you could use to get around. But for the optimum balance of affordability, sustainability, cost, and environmental friendliness, the electric bike beats all other methods. It’s not a magic solution and you won’t always be able to cycle wherever you need to go, but an electric bike gives you a lot of options you may not even have considered before. It’s even a whole new idea for many people.


Electric Bike/eBikes Tip Number 16: Ride to Work on Your Electric Bike


Most people don’t think of a bicycle as a primary means of transportation, but your Wave electric bike absolutely can be. As long as weather conditions allow — and even in harsher climates there will be large portions of the year when they do — an electric bike is a fantastic means of getting to work. Riding to work on one of our eBikes means getting great exercise as you commute. When you ride eBikes as a means of commuting, you’re also incurring far less fuel cost. That’s because eBikes are about as fuel-efficient as a vehicle that consumes power can be. Your pedal power does a lot of the work, and the electric motor picks up the rest. The motor of our Wave eBikes costs a fraction of the cost of other methods of transportation, mile per mile. What this means is that commuting to work on one of our eBikes helps improve your budget while also making you, at least potentially, a better employee. How can this be? Riding one of our eBikes to work gives you exercise, and studies have shown that people who exercise regularly have sharper, clearer minds. This could men, then, that riding one of our eBikes on your way to work leaves you better primed to perform well at work. And of course the activity associated with eBikes can have a mood-elevating effect.


Riding an electric bike to work won’t be for everybody. You’ll need to work within commuting distance by bicycle. But that commuting distance, with eBikes, is much greater than it would be with manual bicycles. That’s thanks to the eBike’s motor, which makes it easier for you to go longer distances, makes it easier to go up steep hills, and takes over when you get too tired to pedal any longer. The increased effective travel range of your eBike’s motor makes it a very viable commuting option. It will leave you in a better mood than if you hadn’t ridden in on your electric bike, too. And especially if you have a job where you sit for long periods of time, riding one of our eBikes to work will help add back in to your schedule the regular exercise you wouldn’t be getting if not for your electric bike.


No, eBikes don’t have all the answers, and no, an electric bike won’t be right for everyone’s workday commute. But eBikes absolutely are an option for a lot of employees’ working travel. And eBikes are a great way to get to work while saving money. After all, that’s why you go to a job in the first place, isn’t it? To earn money? Save more of your money and put it back in your pocket (or don’t spend it in the first place) by using an electric bike to commute to work instead of a conventional automobile or other gas-powered device. Electric bikes can also whisk you through congested traffic in a way that most other vehicles can’t. That’s because electric bikes are much smaller and more maneuverable. You can’t park your car inside the building when you get to work, but you can park your electric bike inside, if it’s allowed. That makes an electric bike a remarkably convenient way to travel to work. You’ve got to go to work anyway; why not an electric bike? But don’t settle for just any electric bike. Buy the best electric bike, the most affordable electric bike with the best array of features at that price. Buy a Wave electric bike.


Electric Bike/eBikes Tip Number 17: Ride to School on Your Electric Bike


Are you a student? Do you travel back and forth for school? Well, why not do so on an electric bike? Once you’ve experienced one of our electric bikes, you’ll be singing the praises of electric bikes like someone obsessed with the idea. You’ll be chanting to electric bikes as if humming, ” eBikes, eBikes, eBikes, eBikes, eBikes, eBikes!” Does that sound ridiculous? Well, to us, what is even more ridiculous is not considering an electric bike if you are a student who needs reliable transportation. The most obvious reason is cost. Our eBikes cost much less to operate than other vehicles, and they cost less to acquire than most cars and motorcycles. This means that getting one of our eBikes in the first place, even if you are a student on a tight budget, is very easy. Almost anyone can afford one of our eBikes, especially because we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure our eBikes are affordable. You can get one of the Wave eBikes with features you would expect to see on bicycles costing many times as much. There’s no need to pay an arm and a leg for an electric bike, even a nice electric bike, when you can be paying for one of our eBikes. For most students it’s all about cost versus value, right? Well, then you want one of our electric bikes for traveling to and from school.


Another factor to consider is that when you are traveling around school on your electric bike, you will often have to negotiate areas not accessible by car. The average campus, for example, is easily navigated with one of our eBikes. This may not be the case with a car or motorcycle. And eBikes can even be stored in a dorm room with some careful consideration. All things considered for a college student, eBikes are the perfect choice because eBikes represent the least amount of financial input for the most amount of transportation output. If you, then, are a college student on a budget, shouldn’t you be considering an electric bike? And might you be seriously costing yourself money if you fail to consider this option? There will be times, and seasons, when an electric bike isn’t suitable even for a college student, but many students ride their bikes year round, and the same could be true of your electric bike. Especially if you live in a more gentle climate, electric bikes will be just the thing for you. So you owe it to yourself to consider using an electric bike to commute to school. If an electric bike is an option, then an electric bike is an option worth considering, because anything else just represents you spending more money than you need to.


Let’s face it: School is expensive. Even if you have plenty of financial aid, it’s not cheap to go to school. Why compound that already considerable cost with a method of transportation that just drains your wallet further? Even public transportation can add up to serious money over time. The Wave electric bikes, by contrast, cost very little, are stylish and modern, and will get you to and from all your classes in comfort and with great efficiency. And unlike with a manual bicycle, you never need to worry about showing up tired, breathless, or sweaty, because the electric motor can help do the work for you. Electric bikes are absolutely an option that every student should consider for commuting to school. Don’t overlook this important choice for yourself.


Electric Bike/eBikes Tip Number 18: Ride for Pleasure on Your Electric Bike


Your electric bike is more than just a means to move yourself from place to place. Your electric bike is not just transportation. Our eBikes have a quality that few other modes of transportation possess. Your electric bike is FUN. It’s a means of recreation. That gets lost in a lot of discussion of electric bikes as just a way to get from place to place. And, yes, eBikes can be a great commuting option, as we have discussed at length on these pages, but eBikes are not only about the serious business of going from here to there. Our eBikes are just plain fun. Our eBikes are a means of recreation. Our eBikes are a way to get exercise. And our eBikes are a way to enjoy the outdoors. This is one of the reasons we spend so much time developing and refining our eBikes. There are eBikes on the market that are good for just about everything. Some eBikes are beach cruisers like our original Wave. Some eBikes are meant for riding on pavement. Some eBikes can be taken off road. But what all eBikes have in common, especially the Wave eBikes, is that eBikes are incredibly fun. Our eBikes are fun to ride for their own sake, when you’re not even worrying about going anywhere.


You don’t just climb on an electric bike because you want to get to work or school or to the corner store. Sometimes, you climb aboard an electric bike because you want to feel the wind in your hair. You ride an electric bike because you want to pedal out your frustrations. You cruise on an electric bike because you just like how it feels. A lot of people ride electric bikes because, like any bicycle, these are just great vehicles to take out. As anyone who has really enjoyed riding an electric bike will tell you, there’s something about just touring along that has a really special enjoyment all its own. Your electric bike will become an addiction, in many cases. At the very least your electric bike could become an enjoyable hobby. Electric bikes are the future of transportation, but before any of that, electric bikes are just fun.


Have you been shopping for an electric bike? We hope you’ll consider the Wave eBikes. We know our electric bikes are fun because we designed them to be that way. And when we put our electric bikes on the market, we did it knowing that while some of our customers would be buying these electric bicycles for commuting, many of them would be buying them just because they wanted to ride. The love of riding is not something to dismiss. It’s a big part of the mystique of the electric bicycle, and it’s one of the reasons that eBikes are becoming so popular. Just a few short years ago, very few people had hard about electric bikes. Now, they are coming up and coming up strong, taking over a larger portion of the market, and stand to keep right on growing. Nobody really knows how big the market for electric bikes might one day be, but what we do know is that riding an electric bike is always a great deal of fun. Can you really say that you are having so much fun in life that you couldn’t stand to have some more? Wouldn’t you love to inject some more enjoyment into what you do and the places you go? The Wave electric bikes can do that, definitely.


Electric Bike/eBikes Tip Number 19: Ride Your eBike for Exercise


Has your doctor told you that you need more exercise? Are you thinking that you’d like to get more activity in your daily life? Then look no further than eBikes. That’s right, you heard us correctly: the solution is eBikes, eBikes, eBikes, eBikes, eBikes, eBikes, eBikes, eBikes, eBikes, eBikes! All day long and as many times as you’d like to repeat it, eBikes are the reason that so many people are reconsidering bicycles as a mode of transportation. There are so many machines that do our work for us these days. From escalators and elevators to cars, motorcycles, and even scooters, there are fewer reasons than ever in daily modern life to actually get any exercise. This fact has driven more people to eBikes in search of ways to inject some activity in their day to day lives. And while eBikes do contain electric motors, only part of the time are you letting the electric bike do the work, in most cases. Most people use their electric bike like a bicycle at least part of the time, and this means they get plenty of exercise using their electric bike, but always have the electric bike’s motor to fall back on so they don’t have to worry about getting worn out, stranded, or arriving exhausted at their destination.


Thanks to this, the electric bike has become a great option for those who want to commute to work, school, or around their daily errands while working in some exercise that they might not otherwise get. Electric bikes are changing the landscape yet again. Where once we were becoming ever more sedentary, ever more fat, and ever more likely to be obese, even (and just look at the statistics, because these numbers have been growing for a long time), the revolution in turning to eBikes for regular transportation is helping to make more people just get up and move. No, an electric bike can’t do all the work for you, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say, if you let your electric bike do all the work, then you aren’t getting the full benefit of what the electric bike can do for you. Electric bikes are the best of all possible worlds. They’re fun, like bicycles, they’re reliable, like bicycles, and they’re cheap to operate, like bicycles… but electric bikes give you that all-important option to let the motor do some or all of the work. And, hey, even if you were to deplete the battery by using the motor a lot, you still get impressive range with our electric bikes, and you’ll never be stranded. If you run out, you can just pedal the bike like any other bike. Electric bikes offer all the advantages of bicycles with none of the liabilities.


So, should you be riding your electric bike for exercise? Well, it would be more accurate to say that you can be. Electric bikes are great for exercise, great for fun, and great for transportation. They’re a multifaceted transportation item. Wave eBikes offer the best compromise of cost versus features at the price point, in our opinion. We’d like to see you take advantage of that, because we’d like to see you riding the best. Obviously, we’re not impartial, but we believe our product line is the best and will give you the most satisfaction for your purchase dollars. Consider, then, buying one of our Wave eBikes and getting into the best, most fun, and affordable modes of transportation possible. The Wave eBikes are waiting to be discovered.


Electric Bike/eBikes Tip Number 20: Improve Your Balance and Coordination with your Electric Bike


Have you ever stopped to think of your bicycle as an anti-aging device? Is your electric bike a time machine? Well, our eBikes can help you to feel younger because our eBikes can have you humming their praises like, ” eBikes, eBikes, eBikes, eBikes, eBikes, eBikes!” We’ve used that expression a few times now, but what else would you call an electric bike if not something to be praised excitedly, when you learn that your electric bike can help improve your body as you age? Let us explain, because we understand if you don’t see how eBikes could do all that. Our eBikes, you see, are bicycles, and bicycles have something very special going for them when it comes to older people. Electric bikes or eBikes help you to develop, maintain, and even improve your balance and coordination. What is one thing that seems always to deteriorate as we get older? it’s our balance, coordination, and flexibility. Okay, that’s three things, but electric bikes can help improve those things. The exercise and physical activity that even an older person gets on our eBikes means that our eBikes can help improve that person’s balance and coordination, and perhaps even their flexibility. This makes eBikes as good as a time machine for some people. If you knew that eBikes could help reduce the effects of aging, wouldn’t you be eager to try them? Our eBikes are not actually a time machine, no, but a good electric bike is a great way to help improve your flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination through regular exercise and bicycle riding. This is a huge benefit to many people, especially as they get older.


Is an electric bike a magic bullet where exercise and aging are concerned? Certainly not. An electric bike is an electric bike and nothing more. It does what an electric bike can do… and nothing an electric bike cannot do. But electric bikes may well have positive benefits for those who use them. And this is not just true of older riders. Younger riders, too, can benefit from electric bikes, because electric bikes encourage them to develop their balance and coordination to make them graceful and fluid human beings. No, an electric bike can’t guarantee that, but an electric bike can certainly encourage it. When you really wade through all the speculation, electric bikes are a lifestyle. That lifestyle can represent a huge improvement over whatever life the rider was living before he or she discovered electric bikes. Choosing the Wave eBikes is the first step towards choosing a better, more physically able life. It’s not any kind of mystery and it’s not difficult to see. It’s something that should be obvious to anyone who is trying to find a way to put more exercise, especially low-impact exercise, into his or her life. Bicycle riding can do that for you, and the crutch of the electric motor really helps even amateur riders to feel more competent on a bike. Don’t just ride a bike; ride an electric bike. And don’t choose just any electric bike when you can choose the Wave eBikes.


Are you convinced yet? Have you decided yet that the benefits of electric bikes are worth the cost? We don’t just think that’s true; we know it’s true. But we know that you may have reasons to hesitate, and we understand. Read on to learn more things you need to know as part of our comprehensive guide to getting the most out of your Wave electric bike.


Electric Bike/eBikes Tip Number 21: Get More “You” Time on Your eBike


Have you ever thought that you don’t take time for yourself? Our eBikes are a great way to get more of that vital “me” time. Or rather, our eBikes are a great way for you to get more of that vital “you” time. You see, while it’s possible to ride eBikes with others (and many do), it’s not possible to let someone else ride eBikes for you. By that we mean that no matter how many people you ride eBikes with, you’re always doing it alone in that group. Our eBikes, well… they’re a solitary endeavor no matter how social you make it. You pedal our eBikes. Nobody else can do it for you. But… wait. You don’t have to pedal our eBikes if you don’t want to. Your eBike’s motor can do the work for you. Either way, whether you are pedaling one of our eBikes or letting your eBike’s motor do the job, Wave eBikes are a great way to get more time to yourself. There’s a serenity to riding an electric bike, a peace and solitude that only an electric bike can provide. Striking out on an electric bike, just pedaling or riding and getting out there on your own, is a great way to guarantee “you” time. Most of us don’t take enough time for ourselves. Riding electric bikes is one way to rectify that situation. Wouldn’t you like some more time to yourself? Wouldn’t you like some more time to gather your thoughts? Then do it on an electric bike. Let our eBikes transport you to a world of solitude and mental peace. The exercise you’ll get pedaling our eBikes, the wind whistling through your hair that you’ll get riding an electric bike while the eBike’s motor does the work, is a peace like no other. If you have wondered how to make sure you won’t be disturbed, you’ll find out the answer when you ride out on an electric bike and leave the world behind.


Take your electric bike out onto the road. Take your electric bike down to the beach. Take your electric bike off road. Wherever you ride your electric bike, know that it’s just you and the electric bike and no one else. This is the freedom, the mental peace, the solitude, that our electric bikes can give you. A good electric bike is a magic carpet to an escape from the mundane world. Let your electric bike be our electric bike. Let it be one of our Wave eBikes. We know we’re waxing poetic about all this, and it might even seem a little bit silly to feel this strongly about bicycles in general or electric bicycles specifically, but we really do believe that you’ll be better off with an electric bike in your life. And if you’re going to choose an electric bike, we want it to be one of our electric bikes because we know you’ll be happy with your choice. We’ve worked hard to make great products that we’re proud to sell. We want to share them with you so that you, too, can get the most for your dollar when shopping for an electric bicycle. Will you join us on this journey? Will you let us put an electric bicycle under you to carry you along on great new adventures into a sustainable future? There are so many electric bikes out there now, but only our Wave eBikes offer this great balance of features and price. Experience this for yourself with our Wave eBikes!


Electric Bike/eBikes Tip Number 22: Improve Your Stamina with Your Electric Bike


Electric bikes are just bicycles, and the common denominator of all bicycles is pedaling. All eBikes have the option to pedal. All eBikes, then, are a means of transforming human muscle power into turning wheels. Those turning wheels translate, in turn, into transportation. They are the churning, moving world. They are motion. They are motive power. An electric bike, or a bicycle, requires some input from you. Yes, eBikes have electric motors, but almost no one uses the motor exclusively, never pedaling even a little bit. Yes, you could use your electric bike this way… but a more realistic look at eBikes shows that most riders pedal at least a little. The more they pedal, the more they ride, the more exercise they get. And the funny thing about getting exercise over time is that your body adapts to it. Look, we’re beyond electric bikes now, and beyond which eBikes have what specs or which eBikes are the better buy (although we feel strongly, when you buy an electric bike, that you should be buying one of our Wave eBikes. We know that this comprehensive guide sounds a lot like us simply saying, ” eBikes, eBikes, eBikes, eBikes, eBikes, eBikes,” over and over again. And sure, a lot of what we’re doing here is emphasizing the details of electric bikes again and again so that when you shop for an electric bike, you are more likely to choose us. But there’s really more at work here than us trying to persuade you that the Wave electric bike is the electric bike for you. Yes, we want you to buy our eBikes. Yes, we believe our eBikes are a great value. Yes, we put lots of time and effort into our eBikes. But our eBikes are a simple machine. It is your body that is complex.


The human body is a mechanism that must be used, must be exercised, if it is to function properly. The regular exercise you get from your electric bike could really help improve your stamina. “What’s this?” you may ask. “An electric bike can improve my stamina?” Yes, an electric bike can improve your stamina. In other words, electric bikes and the exercise they encourage have a net positive effect on your body that goes beyond the electric bike’s transportation abilities. Electric bikes encourage exercise which in turn promotes positive human development, including an increase in stamina. After all, if you were riding one of our eBikes every day to work, the first day might seem hard. The second day might seem hard too. And the third day might seem hard. But over time, the more you biked, the easier the travel would become. Even if you never used the motor, or even if you used the motor a lot, over time your travel would have a beneficial effect. You would start to see gains in stamina that come with increased physical activity. That’s what the whole campaign to get you up and moving is all about! It’s one of the great ancillary benefits of buying one of our Wave eBikes. The electric bike lifestyle is something that is going to help most people improve physically. It’s going to a have a perceptible impact on their well-being. We’re so very excited that you are considering purchasing an electric bike from us, or that you have and now you’re looking for information to enjoy it to its fullest. Please accept our thanks and move forward with your electric bike to truly enjoy the road ahead.


Electric Bike/eBikes Tip Number 23: Make a Statement with Your Electric Bike


Have you considered the statement your electric bike makes? No, we’re not talking about riding down the street shouting, “I love eBikes! I love eBikes! I love eBikes!” There are a lot of statements our eBikes could make, not the least of which is, “Hey, these are really nice eBikes.” But we’re joking. Our eBikes make a statement in that our eBikes declare your intentions. You buy one of our eBikes because you want to have fun in style, using cutting edge technology (which our eBikes represent). Or you buy one of our eBikes because you want reliable, low-cost transportation that does not require a special license. All eBikes, and our Wave eBikes, are environmentally sustainable, “green” methods of transportation, sure. But that’s not the only statement that riding our Wave eBikes makes. You could argue that eBikes send some kind of political statement, but we don’t think that’s true. We think the message of eBikes is more universal than that. The statement is, “I own an electric bike, and I care about the planet.” You don’t have to buy your electric bike for environmental reasons, of course. There are lots of reasons to purchase an electric bike. Some people buy an electric bike because they want cheap transportation. Some people buy an electric bike because they want to have fun. Some people buy an electric bike to save energy. Some people buy an electric bike to avoid traffic congestion. But whatever the reason you buy an electric bike, you’re definitely making a statement about the kind of forward thinker you are. You buy an electric bike because you’re not like everyone else. You buy an electric bike because you’re the type of person who other people should look to as a role model. You buy an electric bike because you want to get from point A to point B while getting exercise and looking good. And you buy an electric bike because you want the option of that motor to pull you out of bad spots. Electric bikes, in that way, are their own backup transportation. This is immensely helpful, because if your electric bike’s battery dies while you’re riding it, you can simply pedal to your destination (or keep pedaling, if you were pedaling before). It’s all entirely up to you.


Do you have to make a statement when you purchase an electric bike? Is it necessary that your electric bike have some deeper meaning? No, sometimes eBikes are just eBikes. But no matter what significance you attach to your eBike’s setup (or lack thereof), no matter how dispassionately you view your eBike’s role in your life, the fact is, adding eBikes to people’s lives changes those lives. Our eBikes are a means to change the world for the better. It doesn’t have to be anything earth-shattering. If our eBikes simply help you get to work, to school, or to the store, we’ve done our jobs. But we like to think there’s more to our eBikes than that. Electric bikes have great significance to us. We want you to ride your electric bike proudly. We want you to cruise on your electric bike, commute on your electric bike, relax on your electric bike, and get some “you” time on your electric bike. Never forget that the purpose of eBikes is to get you to your destination cheaply, efficiently, and with style. Always remember that eBikes represent an environmentally friendly option. Keep your use of eBikes in perspective, and let eBikes improve your life! Do it now!


Electric Bike/eBikes Tips Number 24 and 25: Electric Bikes are Highly Maneuverable and Extremely Versatile


So, that’s it. We’ve come to the end of our little guide about electric bikes. All electric bikes, our eBikes especially, are more than just electric bikes. Our eBikes are a bridge to the future of transportation. Our electric bikes, like the other electric bikes on the market (although we think our Wave eBikes are superior to other electric bikes out there, and a better value than most electric bikes out there), can improve your physical well-being. Our electric bikes will certainly transport you to where you wish to go. Our electric bikes are also extremely cost effective. Not all eBikes are created equal. Some eBikes are better than others. But the Wave eBikes, unique among eBikes on the market, have the most electric bike features at the price point our eBikes command. In other words, a more expensive electric bike won’t necessarily be better than the electric bike you buy from us. Or to put it another way, reliable, highly maneuverable, and versatile electric bikes made by us are some of the best electric bikes on the market. If you are shopping for an electric bike, we strongly suggest you consider the electric bikes available from us. Yes, you can get an electric bike somewhere else. There are many eBikes on the market. There are expensive eBikes, and there are less expensive eBikes. There are complicated eBikes and simple eBikes. There are beautiful eBikes and relatively drab eBikes. But if the best balance of cost versus features is what you look for in eBikes, you should look no farther than the Wave eBikes.


In the course of this comprehensive guide we have gone on at great length about all the things you can expect from an electric bike. We’ve told you how electric bikes help you. We’ve explained about electric bike costs, electric bike features, electric bike benefits, and even the statement your electric bike makes about you. We’ve repeated the word “eBikes, eBikes, eBikes” until we’re practically red in the face. But what we want, what we’ve always wanted, what we’ve sought all along, is to help you make the purchase that is right for you. If that purchase is one of our eBikes, great. If it is not one of our eBikes, we understand, but we hope you’ll reconsider. Every electric bike has the potential to change your life. Our electric bikes will hopefully do that for you in a positive way. We want you to buy an electric bike from us. We want you to buy that electric bike today. We are a business run by electric bike lovers for electric bike lovers. All of our eBikes are the best we can possibly devise and manufacturer… and we’re hoping that when you shop for eBikes, it’s Wave eBikes you’re after.


After going through all that, then, let’s recap. Your Wave electric bike is a bicycle with an electric motor that can assist you in traveling up steep hills, or that can provide you with ongoing assistance as you pedal, or that can move the bicycle along without your help. Using pedal assist maximizes your range, while letting the motor do the work minimizes your effort. The electric bikes we offer feature powerful motors and good workmanship in an attractive, integrated package. And while we’re not the only electric bike on the market, nor the first, we believe we are the best in terms of what you get for your money. You would expect our Wave eBikes to be much more expensive than they are if you were judging on features alone. You don’t have to look any farther than the Wave line of eBikes because we think we have the best match between features and cost. You could pay a lot more for an eBike… but you don’t have to. And while you could pay less, we think buying from u maximizes the features and benefits you get while minimizing the cost. This is a great way to say that we offer the best value… and we want you to be happy.

Your happiness, your satisfaction, means the world to us. Choose your electric bike from among our product line. Discover what electric bikes from Wave electric bikes can do for you. See how having an electric bike in your life can change your lifestyle for the better. You’ll get more physical activity in your life. You’ll get more fresh air. You’ll improve your balance, your coordination, your stamina. You’ll basically be doing little things, incremental things, to improve your life overall, and we see no reason not to start now. The bicycle was a great invention in its day. The eBike represents the evolution of the bicycle… and the future of sustainable transportation in the modern world. Let your battery and your motor carry you along, or do some of the work yourself. Commute from home to work or school and back again. Cruise in our electric bikes and enjoy the freedom and solitude of a good long ride. Or use your electric bike to facilitate social gatherings and group activities. The possibilities are as endless as the great features the Wave product line has to offer.

As a company, we pride ourselves on our dedication, our honesty, and our customer service. We want to hear from you. We want to bring you the best possible electric bike for your money. We want you out there and riding, enjoying yourself, getting where you want to go. If you’ve read this entire comprehensive guide, then you are someone who is really, seriously considering buy an electric bike. You don’t have to go any farther. You have found the best possible option for an electric bike in the Wave. Get yours today. Shop through us and pick out the eBike that is right for you. Bring us your business and we will in turn prove to you we are worthy of it. But most of all, when you think about electric bikes, think of this: This is the future of transportation. Electric bikes represent the way forward. They don’t pollute, they are maneuverable, they reduce congestion, they improve balance and coordination, they improve overall levels of physical fitness, and they’re just plain cool. That, beyond anything else, cannot be forgotten. Electric bikes are cool in a way that few other things are. Electric bikes represent an evolution to an older concept that is now as modern as the day is long. Electric bikes will revolutionize how we get from here to there while reducing pollution and congestion on our streets. But no electric bike means anything if it does not have a rider. Let that rider be you. The time to get into one of our Wave electric bikes is right now. Stop hesitating. Stop debating. Get your electric bike through us now and join the future of sustainable transportation. The time is now. There is no reason to delay any longer. Get your sustainable, high-tech Wave eBike today.

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