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The Wave 2.0 is a new and improved version from our original Wave Electric Bike. It comes with all the same great features that you've grown to know and love about the Wave Original eBike such as a 48-Volt 750-Watt powerful rear brushless motor, LED display, 6-speed Shimano gears, and front Shimano disc brake. Added improvements include an all aluminum frame, hard-wired rear red LED light, hidden electrical wires tucked into the frame, welded battery rack, new faux leather handlebar grips, new and improved seat saddle, new and improved quick release seat latch, and new and improved side kickstand. The 48V 10.4Ah Wave 2.0 battery comes with Samsung cells and enough endurance to propel you over 23 miles on a single charge without ever having to pedal. Skip the gas station and save the environment with a Wave Electric Bike! Charger and battery are included.

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Eco Friendly - Wave 2.0 (old)


MOTOR: 48-Volt 750-Watt Brushless Hub Motor
BATTERY: 48-Volt 10.4-Ah Samsung Lithium-Ion
FRAME: Aluminum
BRAKING: Front Shimano Disc Brake / Rear Tektro V-Brake
GEARS: 6-Speed Shimano
LIGHTING: Front LED Headlamp & Rear Led Light
INCLUDED LIMITED WARRANTY: 90 Days (Only valid when professional assembly is used)

Wave 2.0 New Features

Meet the new and improved Wave eBike Beach Cruiser! We’ve come a long way from the Original Wave eBike and we’re proud to feature several new improvements including:
-All new aluminum frame
-Electrical wires are now tucked into the frame
-Welded battery rack
-Red LED light wired to the battery and controlled with the LED display along with the front LED light
-New and improved comfy seat saddle
-New and improved side kickstand
-New and improved quick release seat latch
-All new synthetic leather grips with luxury stitching

Wave Beach Cruiser GIF - Wave 2.0 (old)

3 Power Options When Riding:

1. Thumb Throttle: Press the thumb throttle and get an immediate boost from the motor.
2. Pedal Assist: Start pedaling and you will be in pedal assist mode. In this mode, pedaling is easier with the assistance of the motor.
3. Power Off: Turn off all electric assistance and ride the Wave 2.0 like a normal bicycle.

Wave 2.0 Description

The Wave eBike is a beach cruiser available in white, black, and blue colors. Our Wave 2.0 cruiser model offers cross-functional tires. Its motor is a 48V, 750W model featuring a 48V, 10Ah battery with Samsung cells that won’t experience memory problems or need to be fully discharged before recharging. (You also don’t have to charge the battery completely when recharging if you don’t have time.) Top speed has been tested to 25 miles per hour, while the maximum range on full electric mode, depending on the weight of the rider, is about 23 miles. The Wave comes equipped with 6-speed Shimano rear gears for faster travel over longer distances. The seat has under-springs and a quick release height adjustment, and the whole unit has a 90-day warranty against manufacturer’s defects and “non-human” damage. The frame is aluminum and the tires are 26” x 2.10” cruiser rims with metallic spokes. We recommend the standard tires be inflated to 32 PSI (the valve is a 48mm model). The Wave eBike 2.0 model weighs approximately 50 lbs (22.7 Kg) without the battery.
Using the Wave 2.0, you could use pedal assist, which will boost you to a full 30 MPH if you’re really flying along, or you could choose to go full electric and cruise up to 25 MPH. You can also pedal manually without the motor, of course. The throttle is a 3-Level cadence sensor with pedal assist, which means you can use the throttle by itself, or pedal and have automatic assistance from the motor at three different power assistance levels. The maximum recommended weight limit for riders is 300 pounds. As for rider size, while we don’t stipulate absolute minimums or maximums, the seat adjusts to allow for riders between 4’11” and 6’7″. The seat extends 8 inches, which puts the seat 41 inches above the ground. The minimum seat height is 33 inches from the ground.
When your product ships to you, you will receive your new Wave eBike partially assembled, so professional assembly is required. The shipping container would be much larger (think of the handlebars and pedals in place) if the bicycle were shipped completely assembled, so we break it down a little bit in order to make the package smaller and make shipping less costly for you. This is done as a cost-saving measure for the freight of transporting the shipping box. We pass these savings on to you.
Check your local laws for helmet regulations and other safety requirements. We strongly recommend that you wear a helmet when riding the Wave eBike. We do need to stress, however, that the Wave eBike is not a toy. No person under 18 years of age should operate an electric bicycle. Operating an electric bicycle carries an implicit risk of death or injury, particularly if the operator fails to abide by all relevant safety precautions. We disclaim all liability arising from the risks assumed by operating the eBike. The Wave eBike has moving parts and electrical components that may present hazards to children, and these may not be obvious to children the way they are to you. Before using it for the first time, and periodically during your ongoing use of our product, inspect the eBike for worn or damaged parts, loose components, or other signs of wear. If you do find a problem, contact customer service. While using your eBike, do not wear loose or flowing clothing, jewelry, or other items that could get tangled in the bicycle’s moving parts, including the wheels, spokes, and drive chain. Make sure you don’t exceed the maximum rated weight of the eBike when riding.

Color Descriptions

Pearl White: This color has been popular among luxury cars and SUVs for quite some time now, but now it’s on an bicycle and it looks amazing. Pearl white has light properties similar to that of an actual pearl such that it shimmers in certain areas of the bike based on the angle of the light.

Satin Black: The perfect blend between standard gloss (shiny) black and matte black. It is right between these two colors in terms of shine and has a nice soft luster that looks amazing in any light.

Candy Apple Blue: This blue is one of a kind. It has been used on exotic sports cars, motorcycles, and has an almost metallic property in that it has a nice array of shades based on the angles and curves on the bike when the sun is shining on it.

IG 4 1499 - Wave 2.0 (old)

Additional Information




Full Electric: 23 Miles
Pedal-Assist Mode: 40 Miles

Top Speed

Limited: 19.5 MPH
Off-Road Use: 25 MPH


48V 750 Watts


48V 10.4Ah



Charge Time

3-5 hours


Bike: 50 lbs
Battery: 10 lbs
Total weight with battery: 60 lbs




Front: Shimano Disc Brake
Rear: Tektro V-Brake


Shimano 6-Speed Gears

Min/Max Rider Heights

Comfortably between 5’2″ and 6’7″. The seat extends 8″ which puts the seat 41 inches above the ground. The minimum seat height is 33 inches from the ground.

Max Rider Weight

270 lbs


30-60 Minutes. Professional Assembly Required.

Pedal Assist Mode

Cadence sensor allows riders to select 1 of 3 different levels of motor assistance while pedaling


19.5 MPH speed limiter to comply with certain State restrictions.


26″ x 2.10″ @ 32 PSI

17 reviews for Wave 2.0 (old)

  1. Mike W.

    I bought the Wave 2.0 as soon as I saw it was available last week and after having it assembled I immediately took it out for a ride. My first impression was probably skewed because it was the first electric bike I’ve ever ridden, but must say that I’m hooked. As soon as you press the throttle and feel the motor kick in your hooked. Ive only riden it a few miles so far just because its getting cold but it is by far the most fun Ive had on a bike in my life to say the least.

    So besides the fun factor I must say that the build quality is top notch. The frame is super sturdy and the gears and brakes work well, just like a typical non ebike would, but Im just surprised at how fun it is to ride a bike in this cruiser style. Typically Ive ridden mountain bikes and other bikes where you have to hunch over more, but I really like how comfortable it is to sit upright. Im looking forward to riding it long distances without being tired or sore the next day from an uncomfrotable position.

    I would highly recommend the Wave 2.0 to anyone looking to get an ebike. I did some research for several weeks before buying and haven’t found anything in the same ballpark in terms of price for the performance you get here.

  2. Anonymous

    I can’t say enough positives about the Wave 2.0 It’s been one of the greatest buys I’ve made in a really long time. I made it a goal to walk/ride more rather than driving, and after getting my Wave 2.0 I put over 500 miles on it. I literaly ride it everywhere. It makes getting around fun and I can get a decent workout in when I feel like pedaling. I don’t know where to begin with the awesome features, so I’ll just say if you’re thinking about buying an electric bike, don’t waste your time thinking about getting anything else. Not only is the price unbeatable, but it’s a really, really fast eBike that’s actually comfortable and looks great. I get people stopping me all the time asking about it, so hoopefully they can start a referral program!

  3. Anonymous

    We purchased two Wave 2 cruiser bikes. I am obsessed!!!! I ride to work most days and we go all over town on the weekends. We ride on trails and have never been approached to get off of the trail because the bikes are motorized.

    I think the 40 miles with pedal assist isn’t quite accurate, but we can get around 30 miles on a flat surface.

    The only thing we are waiting on is for the extra batteries to come back into stock. We want to take them farther than the 25 miles or so on a single charge.

    I highly recommend this bike!!

    I even added lots of vinyl decorations on my bike 🙂

  4. David G.

    Definitely better than expected, especially for the price. Ive been looking for 5 weeks for the right eBike and pulled the trigger on the Wave 2.0 for a couple different reasons.

    1- The price. I couldn’t find anything else in the price range of around $1k with a 48V 750W motor and 10Ah battery with Samsung cells. Anything with those specs was $2k+. And anything around $1k had 36V 500W motor at best. I dont live near any major hills, but I wanted a nicer sized motor because from everyone I spoke to at bike shops they said they are more durable, will go faster, and farther and easier uphill (my least concern). I test rod a few 36V bikes at a shop near my house and they all seemed to have a much slower acceleration and top speed compared to the 48V motors. I was willing to spend $1k on a 36V motor, but really wanted a 48V and wasn’t really willing to spend $2k (the price of a used moped), so when I saw the Wave 2.0 I was sold.

    2- The look and design. I personally think the Wave 2.0 is a much better looking eBike than 90% of the other eBikes Ive seen. I don’t know what it is, but most eBikes are just outright ugly. I think most companies are too focused on the electrical engineering and dont give any thought to the design. But beyond the design is the comfort factor. Im 62 years old and have no desire to lean over on a bike anymore like I did back in the day with mountain bikes, especially when Im going 10-20 miles on a bike ride. The Wave is a cruiser setup so you sit upright which is comfy for me and my back on long rides.

    The negatives about the bike are 1. the weight although I dont think there are many other eBikes that weigh much less unless you want to spend $4k+. I think this is an issue most eBike companies have to deal with in general. And 2. it takes 3-4 hours to charge the battery but I wish I could charge it in 15-30 minutes (Teslas can do it, so why not an eBike?). Again, I haven’t seen other eBikes charge this fast, so I think it is a problem with eBikes in general, but hopefully they can work on this.

    Overall after having my Wave for about a week and putting 45 miles on it I am really satisfied and would recommend it to anyone looking to get a nice looking and comfortable bike with great specs at a decent price.

  5. Rick S.

    I have owned two ebikes in my life, the 1st I bought about a year ago from a local dealer and got ripped off on the pricing. After receiving my blue Wave 2.0, I took it to a local shop to have it assembled and have taken it on several trips around the city all about 15-20 miles roundtrip. Overall it is a lot faster and has more torque than I expected. It has no problems going up most mid-steep incline hills. There are no shocks since it is a cruiser style frame, so you definitely feel the bumps in the road if your going over bumpy roads compared to say a mountain bike with shocks, but I prefer the cruiser style because of my back problems. It is more of an upright sitting bike than any other style which makes it very comfortable for long rides, so I will trade the upright comfortability for the feeling of bumps in the road.

    Ive gotten it up to 25 MPH on a flat neighborhood road, but don’t really see myself cruising that fast very often since it that’s a pretty high speed. You have to click the red switch on the handlebars to remove the speed limiter because supposedly there is a max limit law set to 20 MPH. I really like how the front head light and rear red tail light are both hardwired to the bike, which means I never need any extra batteries. They connect to the main battery that powers the bike and turn on by just pressing the light switch on the control unit on the handlebar. They work really well at night and make night riding feel a lot safer.

    Overall I am pretty satisfied with my purchase after about a week, so hopefully I get a lot of use out of my new Wave 2.0.

  6. Anonymous

    Living in Ohio isn’t the easiest place to find a good local electric bike, so I turned to the Internet to find a bike and after countless days of research I ended up with a blue Wave 2.0 at my home and couldn’t be happier. It goes faster than I need and farther than I’ll ever need, but it’s nice to know I have the options and don’t have to push the limits like some of the lower end electric bikes.

  7. admin1

    Professional assembly is required. You can purchase our in-home mobile assembly option as well…

  8. Joseph S.

    Im 6’4″ and 235 lbs and a 53y/o guy and this wave 2.0 surpassed what I thought I was getting. Luckily the seat height adjust high enough that its comfortable for my height but I also think the cruiser style and having the handlebars the way they are helps the overall comfort factor. The seat has a quick release latch so my wife can lower it in 3 seconds no problem when she wants to use it. It has loads of power and I haven’t even tested the range yet as I haven’t had a need to go 23 miles yet, but I really like how you dont have to pedal at all with this bike. I thought most electric bikes you have to pedal and then the motor kicks in (which the Wave 2.0 can do), but you can also do literally nothing with your legs and just hit the throttle on the handlebars and it just takes off. Its just fun to have the option to pedal when I want and then just sit back and relax and use the throttle completely and not work.

  9. Anonymous

    Don’t expect a $5,000 eBike. But also don’t expect a cheap piece of crap. The Wave 2.0 is a phenomenal piece of machinery at an amazing price. I still can’t get over how little I had to pay to get this thing compared to everything else out on the market. So what makes this thing so great? The power, for starters, is jaw dropping. At least the first time I got on, but now I’m used to it. It definitely has more power than I think I would normally need, but when Ineed it, it’s there for me. I really think they did a great job with the overall design and comfort factor. I can’t picture myself crouching over for an hour or more as I have some moderate lower back issues that wouldn’t really allow for that, but even if I could I wouldn’t want to. That’s why I like the upright sitting posture on the Wave 2.0.

    I got the front basket and can fit a grocery bag perfeclty in the basket, which is good for quick rides to the market down the street (1.3 miles away) in less than 5 minutes which actually is easier to get from door to door a lot of times because you can literally pull up to the front door of wherever you’re going since you don’t have to worry about parking which is a serious issue where I live.

    If I had to complain about something I would say it’s the lack of more gears as I like to pedal sometimes and having 6 gears is good and all, but having 7 gears in the back and 3 in the front could make for an even more fun eBike. At the end of the day the Wave 2.0 is the best thing you cn buy for the money so I can’t really complain…

  10. Anonymous

    Amazing! I cant describe how awesome this thing is. I get to work now faster than driving. The batter held for me for 18 miles and I weight 210 pounds. The seat is super comfy and the handle bars needs a little tweaking when you first get it but I couldn’t ask for anything more. I guess time will tell but for the past few weeks this thing has done nothing but impress. If you are on the fence about getting this bike you need to pull the trigger. Boom! Im going riding right now.

  11. Brian, Los Angeles, CA

    I scoured the internet for electric bikes for months and also test rode a few at local shops. Unfortunately there was no way for me to test the Wave 2.0 before I bought it as they only had test rides available in Los Angeles, but after all my research I saw a lot of mixed reviews. What I discovered was that any negative reviews were for their original “Wave 1.0” bike they sold on Indiegogo. They sure got their act together and fixed the issues I saw people talking about (battery rack, Samsung cells, aluminum frame, kickstand).

    After relieving my concerns, I really had to narrow down to a few other choices, all of which were at least $500 more expensive. I really could not find anything with the specs the Wave 2.0 has for the price. Not even close. I snagged a Wave 2.0 when it was on sale for $999 so not sure how much longer that price will be around, but even at $1,199 (their MSRP) I still would have gone with the Wave 2.0.

    After owning it for 3 weeks I would 100% recommend it to anyone looking to get an electric bike at an affordable price. Sure, you can always find something better no matter what you’re buying, but it will come with an added price. And with the Wave 2.0, even if you find something with the same specs, it will be more expensive. So besides the awesome price, here are a few pros and cons about the bike thus far…
    + Great comfortability factor bc you sit upright which is very comfy
    + Very good acceleration from a start and nice power going uphills
    + Excellent range (I get 38 miles with pedal assist)
    + Easy to use and looks great
    – Would like a bigger battery for extended range

  12. Anonymous

    With over 400+ miles on my Wave 2.0, I am still giddy every time I get on it. I’m like a little kid in a candy shop. It has really made riding a bike fun again. And for me, it’s made getting to work, traveling outside with fresh air, and getting exercise fun and enjoyable. It truly makes the journey, not just the destination, fun.

    I hear for a while that eBikes were a much easier way of riding a bike, but not until I actually owned one did I understand the true value in having the assistance of a motor. I have a lot of friends who think it’s silly to have a motor on a bike because they say the point of riding a bike is for exercise, right? WRONG! Well, not entirely. Exercise is, well may be, just one reason, but for me it’s just a small piece of the pie. Going up anthill without struggling or having to get off and walk is amazing. Pedaling as far as a want and then being able to use the motor when I’m tired is fantastic. And hitting the throttle without pedaling at all is like being a superhero (cliche, yes, I know).

    If I had to make one suggestion to the Wave eBike company, I would say that they need a couple more models in their product line rather than just the three. I bought the Wave 2.0, so I’m really happy, but if I want to buy another for my wife or just a second for myself, it would be cool to see more offerings. Besides that, 5 stars all the way!

  13. Anonymous

    Do you need to have a bike shop assemble the bike?

  14. Anonymous

    I bought my Wave 2.0 back in 2017 and it’s still going strong. I’ve been riding it weekly on the weekends probably 10 miles so it has quite a number of miles on it. The only thing I’ve changed so far has been the rear tire.

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